How to Improve the Organic Search of a Telegram Channel

Have you created a telegram channel but you don’t get new subscribers? Are you wondering how to increase the organic reach of your channel?

How to Improve the Organic Search of a Telegram Channel
How to Improve the Organic Search of a Telegram Channel

How to Improve the Organic Search of a Telegram Channel

Then follow me in this article because I’ll explain how to grow the ” native ” search of your existing channel or how to best set up a new channel to ensure that it has excellent organic performance on the social messaging network of the moment: telegram!

A good setup of your channel to optimize its search will allow you to acquire new subscribers organically and grow your channel in a constant and natural way.

Organic search for a telegram channel

When I speak of organic research of a telegram channel, I refer to the search within the social network itself, accessible from the desktop through the ” search ” text box and from mobile through the text box ” Search messages or users ”

Thanks to the search you can search for messages, posts and users but above all find the channel most in line with your research needs.

This is why it is important that your channel is set up correctly for research, the risk is that no one finds it “ organically ” and therefore no one subscribes to your channel in a “ natural ” way.

Native channel subscription is just one of the many ways you have to grow your channel, in this article we will focus on that.

If you are looking for other tips to grow your channel, I suggest you access the articles I wrote precisely to optimize and integrate telegram in the best possible way.

How to search for a channel

To search for a channel you will need to enter the search terms in the text box and check if your channel also appears in the results.

For example, searching for ” iphone on offer ” this is the result on telegram desktop.

Be careful because a lot depends on the channels you are subscribed to, so it is very important to check that for the keyword your channel appears in the ” GLOBAL SEARCH ” search results

But how to optimize the channel to improve the channel’s global search? Before answering the question, let’s check the statistics of your channel.

Analysis of internal research statistical data

To check how your channel responds to native searches, access the statistics, which you can consult if you are the owner of the channel and if the channel has more than 50 subscribers.

From the desktop you can access the statistics by accessing the info section of the channel and then clicking on ” Statistics ”

While from mobile by accessing the info section of the channel and then clicking on the ” Other ” icon and then ” Statistics ”

Once in the statistics section it is important to check the search results to understand how many times a day your channel is displayed in the organic searches of users.

Then access the ” Views By Source ” section and remove everything leaving only the ” Search ” button highlighted

This way you can get an idea of how many times your channel is viewed via the native social search.

Then also check the trend of subscribers to your channel to try to understand if daily users subscribe or not as well as check the balance of ” subscribers ” and that of ” abandonments “.

You may have many users signing up but just as many leaving the channel, in which case the problem is not in the search but in the quality of the channel itself, so you will need to review your posting strategies.

The importance of the nick name telegram

So I tried to better understand why the nickname was so important and thanks also to the guys at funzioGram_certificazioni I came to the conclusion that the nicknames of the type


are better than nicknames like:


On telegram almost everyone uses the second nomenclature ( Camel Case ) even if the first is much better

Why use the “_” character in the nickname

It is better to use the “_” character in the nickname than the ” Camel ” nomenclature because telegram, in the search phase, replaces the “_” character with a space

Hence the nickname


in the search phase it is interpreted as if it were the following string:

“My username”

which is definitely better than


You will understand how important it is not only to use the “_” character but also to use keywords strictly related to the contents of your channel and with a high organic impact.

A concrete example

To get concrete with my case study, I again changed the channel nickname by transforming




It was enough to make this change to bring organic search from zero to over 100 average daily searches with peaks of over 200.

Not only did organic research grow, but the growth of channel subscribers has also resumed and more vigorously Only by changing the nickname.

How to best set the nickname of a telegram channel

So let’s try to summarize how to best set the nickname of atelegram channelto improve its organic search, with an example.

Suppose you want to create a telegram channel dedicated to the best Amazon offers, these are the tips to follow

Set the nickname using “_”

As mentioned, the nomenclature with the “_” character is preferable to the camelCase nomenclature due to the substitution that telegram makes of the “_” character with a space.


Best DealsAmazon

Use an organic username

Just because you grow the research organic trying to use their words as if they were Keyword, so it is preferable to use the words high organic reach than words branded, unless your brand is not high organic impact, makes no difference to use the brand Apple from the Pinco Pallo Srl brand.



Do not change your nickname in the course of work

Do not do as I did, try to set the correct nickname of your channel immediately and then do not change it again!


Because telegram, like any website, uses internal links and a post is identified with a link like: nick_del_canale / 889

Changing the username the link would become: nick_nuovo_del_canale / 889

Therefore, if you change your username, all incoming links (from other channels or other sites) will be ” broken ” and you could lose a lot of direct or referral traffic.

To conclude

In this article I have given you a series of tips on how to best set the nickname of a telegram channel to increase the organic search of the channel itself.

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