How To Improve Your Wifi Connection?

improve your Wifi connection: Do you have problems with wireless internet connection? The speed of your connection is unable to reach the numbers you promised your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? We have the solution for you!

How to improve your Wifi connection?
How to improve your Wifi connection?

How to improve your Wifi connection?

In this article, you will discover some tips to optimize your home Wifi network without spending a fortune. Let’s go!

Check the speed of your internet connection

This step is important. To make sure the problem does not come from your devices, test the speed of your connection with a tool like SpeedTest. If you find that the displayed rate is less than what your operator promises, contact the service provider for the reason.

If the problem recurs frequently, it may be better to change your ISP and benefit from a more attractive offer.

Optimize the location of your router

The Wifi of your home can be capricious and gaps of a few centimeters can sometimes make the difference. To capture a good signal, you must put the router in an open and well ventilated space! Place it in the middle of the housing and on a high floor to ensure the best coverage in all rooms.

Reduce obstacles between the computer and the access point

The obstacles blocking or blurring the waves of WiFi networks are numerous. To increase the power of the Wifi, it is necessary to limit the interference on the network:

Metal, armored glass and concrete have a high potential for interference.
Water, brick and marble also reduce signal strength. They have an average interference potential.

Finally, know that wood and synthetic materials (such as plastics) have a potential for interference, albeit small, but existing.

Limit the number of connected devices

The router has a limited bandwidth: if you transfer large files over the internet or if many devices are simultaneously connected to the internet , the quality of Wifi will deteriorate.

To avoid such problems, we recommend that you create an access list with the MAC addresses of the authorized devices. A MAC address is used to positively identify each of the network devices.

Privilege recent devices

If you have an old router, consider changing it to a newer model. You can opt for a model that uses the 802.11ac standard and, if possible, has MU-MIMO technology. This technology allows for optimal bandwidth distribution when many devices are connected to the router.

Secure your connection

Use the WPA key (or WPA2 or WPA-PSK) to improve the quality of your internet connection and prevent malicious people from entering your Wifi network.

By applying these simple and effective solutions, you will certainly gain transfer speed and enjoy a more stable and efficient WIFI connection.

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