Kodi Mod Download: How To Install Kodi Mod

How to install Kodi Mod? Where to download Kodi Mod? How does Kodi Mod work? What is Kodi Mod for? Here’s all you need to know about Kodi Mod

Kodi Mod Download: How to Install Kodi Mod
Kodi Mod Download: How to Install Kodi Mod

Kodi Mod Download: How to Install Kodi Mod

In short, you ‘ll find out everything you need to know about Kodi Mod , a specially modified version of Kodi that lets you see EVERYTHING in streaming for free. And when I say everything, I really mean EVERYTHING. 

But now let’s start.

What is Kodi Mod for?

In the past we have already talked several times about  Kodi Mod , so it’s useless to go back to the topic.

Without wasting too much time, if you’ve never heard of  Kodi Mod, you just need to know that this is a really spectacular Kodi build,  which contains all the best add-ons already installed and configured to watch everything in streaming for free : free  digital streaming Italian and satellite television,  sporting events like football, Formula 1, MotoGP, Serie A, Serie B, Champions League, Europa League and much, much more.

In practice with Kodi Mod you can watch EVERYTHING you want in streaming for free: movies, TV series, sporting events and much more. Unbelievable, but it really works!

The strengths of Kodi Mod 

Why install Kodi Mod?

There are so many endless reasons to install Kodi Mod . Among the most interesting you point out:

  • offers the best repositories already installed and configured
  • includes self-cleaning of cache / packages / thumbnails at startup
  • the TV is already enabled with clear channels, channel logos and EPG (if online)
  • already has the best theme for Kodi
  • includes all the best updated and functioning Italian add-ons
  • includes favorites with the best content
  • the package is really light and suitable for any device

Now do you understand why I say that Kodi Mod is the best build available for Kodi? 

How do you say? You want to try Kodi Mod immediately ? No problem, in this article I’ll explain exactly how to do it.

You will find a quick and easy guide to installing Kodi Mod on Kodi. Let’s start with the steps to follow.

How to install Kodi Mod

For an optimal installation it is preferable to start from completely clean Kodi. Basically, I suggest you install Kodi from scratch: if you already have Kodi installed with other plugins and addons, uninstall everything to avoid compatibility problems.

If you still need to get Kodi, you can download it for free from the official website: LINK.

After that, follow these steps:

  • Start Kodi, go to SYSTEM (second icon top left) and click on File
  • In the left column, double-click on Add Source 
  • Click on <None> , enter the url http://androidaba.com/addons and click on Done
  • Rename the new source in aba repo
  • Go back to the home and click on Add-on / First icon on the top left / Install from a zip file
  • Click on aba repo / plugin.video.KodiMod-1.0.9.zip
  • Wait for the installation confirmation notification and return to Kodi’s home
  • Click on VIDEO / Video Add-on / KodiMod
  • Now wait for the installation confirmation notification, then go to VIDEO  (or programs)  / Video Add-ons (or programs) and click on KodiMod
  • From here, to install the mods you only need to click on the desired icon (usually the last Mod in chronological order is also the last on the list) and wait for the Download and installation phase

ATTENTION: once the pop-up will indicate the complete installation, you will have to click on the OFF + EXIT button . If you do not do this, Kodi will not save the latest changes and therefore you will not have addons and repo installed.

Here it is:  Kodi Mod is now correctly installed on your Kodi.

At this point you can have fun searching for the content you want to play. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and … enjoy!


To clarify any doubts, here is a video that clearly shows all the steps to be taken. The video was shot from Android, but the procedure is the same on any device.

What addons and repos are there in Kodi Mod?

This MOD weighs only 91 MB  (much lighter than in the past) and includes these addons, programs and repos:


  • live (TVTap)
  • World TV
  • Dark Legion
  • Evil King Sport
  • TheWarriors
  • ilMeteo.it
  • Adriana Europe
  • Kodi Mod
  • dplay
  • f4mTester
  • Kodi On Demand
  • La7-La7d
  • Mediaset Play
  • Rai On Demand
  • SportsDevil
  • Stefano Thegroove 360
  • YouTube


  • Rock Clean
  • Plexus


  • Kodil
  • ZadarHR
  • Kod
  • Rocks
  • Kodi Add-on
  • Man Cave
  • Stephen

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