List Of Best Android MMORPG Games

The MMORPG games are one of the best games that everyone would like to play in his spare time. While the MMORPG market hasn’t exploded yet, there are some great titles out there that you would definitely like to play.

List Of Best Android MMORPG Games

These games are quite capable of satisfying the whim of people who like to live in a fictional world. The players compete and the player who defeated them will be the winner.

The best Android MMORPG games of 2023

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start by exploring the best MMORPG games you will love to play in your spare time.

1. Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure Quest is the best android MMORPG game that has many advanced features. The best part is that it has a “cross-platform” option which allows you to play this game with multiple people on the same server. It is a part of the medieval fantasy world, in which the forces of evil are trying to destroy the universe.

It is up to you to prevent this from happening. Thus, you will be able to accomplish various missions, enter antipathetic territories and, of course, fight against evil forces.

Download Adventure Quest 3D

2. Arcane legends

Arcane Legends is another best MMORPG for Android 2019 where players join forces and embark on a thrilling adventure. Similar to Adventure Quest 3D, it also contains a PvP mode that allows you to play this game with your friends. The gameplay is simple, fast and easy to play.

All you have to do is simply go through the whole story by completing quests and defeating monsters. Your character will then gain a lot of experience, skills and special powers.

Download Arcane legends

3. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter is one of the best MMORPG games in which you have to travel around the world to complete various missions and defeat monsters. Similar to most role-playing games, you have to start by choosing the character you want.

There are five different characters to choose from in the game and each of them has unusual special powers. Once you have chosen the character, you must then begin the adventure. You can play this game alone or choose to play with your friends in PvP mode.

Download Dungeon Hunder5

4. HIT

HIT is a better series of android MMORPGs in which you have to choose your character, then enter a new world full of demons and monsters. The gameplay is very similar to other role-playing games such as God of war. The best part is that the missions are quite short compared to other games of the same genre.

On top of that, each level engages you in a new world and you also have to fight with dozens of demons and their leaders. You can also buy new weapons or choose to upgrade them for additional damage.

5. Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 is one of the best MMORPGs for Android of 2019 in which you start the battle by creating your own character. There are three types of characters available and each of them has two distinct specializations. The gameplay is simple, easy and similar to most role-playing games.

Your main objective is to travel the world full of demons and to face hundreds of enemies. Simply put, Lineage 2 is an exceptional MMORPG series that includes one of the most incredible PSWs of our time.

Download Lineage 2 Revolution

6.Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMORPG games, designed primarily for players who love to play unique games. In addition to its unique gameplay, it presents an adventurous scenario in which you have to search for different elements. You have to choose from nine unique classes as well as five different races.

Each class has different elements and characters, allowing you to customize the game to suit your needs. Other than that, the visuals and graphics are the best in the whole game.


Runescape is another best MMORPG game in which you have to fight and compete with other players. It started out as a lightweight MMORPG, but since 2001 it has improved their game so much that it is now on our list of the best MMORPG games. In this, you must create your own character and complete the quests of your choice.

The story revolves around an adventure in which you have to hunt and defeat monsters. The more you defeat the monsters, the more you can improve your character.

8.The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is a great MMORPG of 2019 that requires no prior introduction. It was developed by JRR Tolkien and is inspired by films like The Hobbit and Lord of Rings. If you’ve ever dreamed of discovering the world of Middle-earth, you should definitely try this game for once.

The story revolves around an adventurous world where to fight and defeat other monsters while helping other players.

9. WarFrame

WarFrame is one of the best MMORPG games where you have to act like a ninja and fight against evil powers who want to take over the world. It is an online game for 3rd player in which you have to team up with other players and complete different quests to win the race.

You can also improve your ninja by using the points you have earned or by using the real money you have in your bank account. Along the way, you will find a multitude of armor, rifles, swords and many other weapons.

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10.Age of Conan

Age of Conan is another best MMORPG game of 2019 in which you have to choose a class and race in which you fight and defeat monsters with other players. This game was inspired by a novel of the same title.

You have to choose the path, the quests and the races where you want to participate. Along the way, you will discover many bonuses that you can use to improve your character and make it even more powerful than before.

Final words

These are the best MMORPG games you would like to play in your spare time. I hope this article will help you find a better MMORPG title for you.

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