How To Listen To Spotify Music From Kodi

Kodi is one of the best multimedia management applications that exist, if not the best. If you use Kodi or have you ever used it, you may know that the greatest benefit you can get is thanks to its accessories or addons , extras that allow you to do everything and make Kodi your ultimate mediacenter .

How to Listen to Spotify Music from Kodi
How to Listen to Spotify Music from Kodi

How to Listen to Spotify Music from Kodi

Now, Kodi has official addons and many third-party addons that offer additional features. For example, from the Kodi addons search engine itself it is possible to install things like YouTube or Twitch, but it is not possible to install Spotify . For this you need to install an additional repository, and today we will explain how.

Allow the installation of addons from unknown sources

First things first, if we do not activate this option we will not be able to do any of this. Start Kodi and go to System Settings, navigate to the Add-ons section and check the Unknown sources box in the General section.

If you don’t see the option appear, click on the bottom of the left side menu until it says ” Expert “. Once this is activated, return to the Kodi home page.

Add a new repository for your Add-ons

In order to install Spotify on Kodi we need to add an external repository. In this case it is the marcelveldt repository . You need to download the .ZIP file from this link and save it in the folder of your choice.

Now enter Kodi again and click right on Add-ons. Then click on the open-box icon (similar to the Dropbox icon) and select the ” Install from a .zip file ” option :

Browse through the directories of your computer until you reach the folder where you saved the zip that we downloaded in the previous step. Select the ZIP by clicking on it.

Once this is done you will see a message indicating that the repository is ready. You can verify that it has been added if you go to the list of all your installed addons:

Install Spotify on Kodi

Now that we have the repository, we can install the Spotify addon as such . To do this we just have to go back to the Kodi home screen, select Add-ons, click on the open box icon.

They are the same steps as when we installed the repository, only this time we are going to select Install from repository :

On the next screen we just have to select our newly installed repository: Marcelveldt’s BETA repository .

The repository contains several addons apart from Spotify, but in this case we are only interested in one. On the next screen select Music Add-ons :

And finally select Spotify in the list:

On the next screen click on Install and you can start using Spotify. Of course, you must first go to the Add-on configuration to enter your credentials (username and password).

In general the addon works quite well, especially useful if you have a multimedia center that only plays content with Kodi. Besides that it will always be better and consume less resources than if you open the web version.

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