Lords Mobile Game | Free Lords Mobile Account

Lord Mobile itself is listed as one of the games with many users and lovers from all walks of life. Until now, it is estimated that around 65 million users from all over the world have played this game, making Lord Mobile one of the best-selling strategy game themed applications on the Google PlayStore and AppStore.

Lords Mobile Game | Free Lords Mobile Account
Lords Mobile Game | Free Lords Mobile Account

Lords Mobile Game | Free Lords Mobile Account

Meanwhile in 2016 Lord Mobile won the Google Play Award as the best Competitor genre game, while in 2017 this game was included in the nominations for the best multiplayer game. So do not be surprised if this game is included in the list of ”Android Excellence Games“.


Lord Mobile games combine open space RPGs, strategy play and building mechanics in one game. The gameplay itself consists of several game modes and PVP is the most famous battle mode.

You have to develop your base and build an army to attack enemy bases and destroy them then seize the enemy’s resources and capture the leader of the enemy.

Players themselves can usually only attack enemies from their own kingdom. However, during the Kingdom War or KvK, sometimes all servers or only one server selected by the system will be open for attacks, but this does not include new servers that are protected by shields.

Players can attack monsters as well as other world bosses who will periodically appear on the royal map to claim their resources. In this game, players can also participate in contests with the aim of capturing map locations such as Wars for Wonders, Feudal Wars and Battle Royal.

This game also has several additional game modes such as the following.

  1. Hero Stage – PvE Mode– In this mode all players will fight through a series of challenges using unique heroes. If you can win this battle, you will be able to get new heroes and materials for your hero equipment.
  2. Colosseum – PvP Mode– Here players can select up to 5 heroes to fight against previously selected heroes. If you manage to use this mode, you will get a higher hero position in this mode and will get gems according to your ranking in this game mode.
  3. The Labyrinth – PvE Mode– This is where players can challenge bosses to claim various resources and also use them to speed up items. Sometimes players can get the gem jackpot in this game mode if they succeed in winning it.

To be able to carry out attacks and also defend in the game. It takes tactics and strategies to develop. Besides that, you also have to know which hero to use and what war equipment to wear.

You are also required to be able to make the right decisions to correlate with every situation you face. To be able to capture the location or fe Wonders requires good coordination of several players who are in one guild.


In this game, players can join and create guilds to cooperate with other players from all over the world. Guildmates can also help their allies in times of need.


Every game must never be separated from its character name and in Lord Mobile itself there are more than 40 characters that can be played, these characters are called Heros and are divided into several types.

Develop a smart, strong and agile character with different skills, attributes, designs and backgrounds. To get a hero in this game, players can make purchases in this game application.

Free Lords Mobile Account

The popularity of this game makes this game played by many people and they will be competing to get the highest ranking. So it is not surprising that there are so many game lovers who are looking for a T4 mobile lords account that is free to play.

In addition, for those who just want to try this game, you can also have this account as a tester. Well, here is a free Lord Mobile account that you can get.

Email: largoy.svantyvol@gmail.com
Password: lagoytvenyo

Email: volvo.s90msv@gmail.com
Password: gecheny90

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Email: grand.squel@gmail.com
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Password: guludwaasy3586

Email: lickylo.mobinger@gmail.com
Password: garyybolves

Email: silcanri.ocrali@gmail.com
Password: omclockor29

Email: res_mouns214@gmail.com
Password: 0596885412698

Email: mycsounsr342@gmail.com
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Email: robertthomson2@gmail.com
Password: premiumgamer

Email: hacker.21655@gmail.com
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Email: danizarhe.metlisas@gmail.com
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Email: lopecandy.mores@gmail.com
Password: modfiligardy

For those of you who managed to get the account above, have fun playing but don’t forget to take care of your health and get enough rest.

For those who have not been lucky, don’t be afraid to try it next time, because we will always update in providing a free account which will certainly be very useful for all of you.


Maybe that’s the accounts I share on this occasion about the free Lords Mobile account. Hopefully, this account can be useful for all friends. That’s all from us.

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