How to Make Video Call on Facebook

Chat applications such as WhatsApp, Line and others generally have voice or video call features.

But for those who don’t know, Facebook as a social media application also has this feature, you know, which you can activate via the application or the website directly.

How to Make Video Call on Facebook
How to Make Video Call on Facebook

How to Make Video Call on Facebook

Well, if you want to try using the video call feature on Facebook, you can continue reading the explanation in the following article.

How to Video Call on Facebook (Android Phone)

For the tutorial, I divided it into two. Namely through an Android phone, and through a laptop. For Android phones, we use direct applications.

Here’s how.

1. Download the Messenger App

The chat feature on Facebook is more complete if you use the Messenger application. In this application, video calling has also become a default feature.

For that, please open the Google Playstore, then search for and install the Messenger application on your cellphone.

2. Facebook Login

After the Messenger application installation process is complete, log in to your Facebook account first.

Please open the Facebook application on Android, then enter your username and password. If you have clicked the Login button.

3. Open the Messenger App

Continue to open the Messenger application. Later the Messenger application will detect your Facebook account after successfully logging in.

If there is more than one account, just choose the one you normally use.

4. Start Video Call

Well, you can start using the video call feature.

Here’s how to video call on Facebook Android:

  • Tap the search field at the top.
  • Then search for another username that you want to call via the video call feature.
  • After that, you will be redirected to that contact.
  • Tap the camera icon to start a video call.
  • Done.

Here you just have to wait until the selected contact receives the video call.

How to Video Call on Facebook Via Laptop

For via laptop, video calls can be made directly through the Facebook site. The important thing is to make sure the laptop camera is active, and the internet used is stable.

Here are the steps.

#1. Facebook Login

Open the browser on your laptop then visit the site. Log in to your Facebook account as usual there.

#2. Search Contact

On the Facebook home page, click the search icon in the box on the right. Then a search field will appear.

Enter the Facebook username you want to call. If so, click the contact.

#3. Open the Video Call Feature

The contact you selected will appear at the bottom. To make a video call, you can click the camera icon next to the contact name.

#4. Allow Browser Access Camera and Microphone

A new window will appear again from the browser you are using. This window is used to make video calls later.

Well before that, give permission to the browser to access the camera and microphone on your laptop.

#5. Start Video Call

If it is allowed, then the tab will start calling your contacts. Well, you just have to wait until the contact answers the call.

The final word

Well, that’s the discussion regarding how to video call on Facebook via Android phones and laptops.

The method I describe here is the easiest. But of course it can still be adjusted again. For example, on an Android phone, you can also use a browser if you want.

If you have any questions or problems from the steps above, just send them through the comments column below.

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