How to Make Your Own Game With Google Game Builder (2024)

Google Game Builder: This article discusses the free Game Maker from Google to make games without coding. Actually this is a simulator game for Steam where you can make your own games.

Make Your Own Game With Google Game Builder

How to Make Your Own Game With Google Game Builder (2024)

There are several packages templates to start with a tutorial to guide you on how to build games. You can make Minecraft style games or logic games too.

You can design 2D games, 3D games, First-Person games, Racing games, and so on. When building, you can specify the logic for the object either by selecting a module from the specified module library or encoding it. The module library packs many customizable templates, so you can use them and don’t need to make code unless you want something that isn’t in the template.

Another good thing about the makers of this game is that it also allows you to play games that you make and support many players. So, you can invite your friends to build and play games together. This game editor also has an online space where you can publish games for the community.

Make Minecraft Style Games with

Google Game Builder Game Builder launched on Steam so you need to install Steam on your PC to use it. It is available for Windows and also for macOS. If you haven’t installed Steam, first install and log in to your Steam Agan account. Then, download this Game Builder from the Steam store or from here. Once done, you can launch Steam builder games and start making games.

The first screen maker of this game gives you the option to create a new project and explore the Agan Game Library. All games that you make in this tool are listed in the Game Library where you can publish them in the store. If you want to collaborate with other people, you can use the Multiplayer option and invite your friends to build and play together.

Game Making

Back to the game building, when you make a project, this tool gives you several choices and asks to choose what type of game you want to make. From here, you can build 2D, 3D, First-Person, and Driving games, or you can start with an empty platform and build whatever you want. The game editor has the following editing tools:

Create: To create a new object.

  • Move: To move objects.
  • Rotate: To rotate an object on any axis.
  • Scale: To change the size of the selected object.
  • Terrian: To add & adjust shapes and textures.
  • Text: To insert text on the screen.
  • Logic: To determine the logic for the selected object.
  • Edit: To edit the parameters of the selected object.

In addition, there are all types of options for changing angles and perspectives when building components. The Create tool gives you a list of objects that you can drag to the platform and start building. You can also track all your previous steps at any time and edit them if necessary.

List of all types of objects that you can add to the game:

Characters / Vehicles
Objects from Web
Images from Web

Games Logic

In terms of game logic, this tool has a large set of action modules that you can adjust as needed. These modules have several predetermined values ​​that you can replace with your module and also a number of combined modules for and make a series of actions. All logic modules are divided into the following categories:

  • Action
  • Camera
  • Event
  • GameRuleEvent
  • Move
  • Screen
  • Custom
  • TargetedAction
  • UntargetedAction Red string

Game Builder is an experimental prototype built that gives you a hybrid simulator where you can make and play games. Multiplayer features make it possible to collaborate and build games with other people remotely. Everything is very simple and easy.

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