How to Manage and Categorize Your Digital Documents with Tagdox

Whether weare studyingorworking, the truth is that, as a rule, we deal with a large number of digital documents of different types, which we accumulate on ourcomputer’shard drive or have scattered over differentstorage devices, so this doesn’t hurt to use tools like Tagdox.

Manage and Categorize Your Digital Documents with Tagdox
Manage and Categorize Your Digital Documents with Tagdox

How to Manage and Categorize your Digital Documents with Tagdox

At this point, it will always be interesting to try to organize, even if it loses a few hours, which we will undoubtedly appreciate in the future because having all our digital documentation, whether personal or professional, well. organized will make life easier later.

In the future, this will surely be of great help, especially inlocatingcertaininformation. A process that will be much faster and easier than having to search through a multitude of disk folders, emails,messaging toolsor externaldevices.

Precisely for all this, we are going to show you a platform that has been specially designed to carry out these specific tasks, that is Tagdox. This is a service that is currently inbeta, although it is already fully functional.

Its operation is fundamentally based on the use of virtual labels that will allow us to catalog, in all the categories that we deem necessary, the digital documents that we have stored over time.

Thanks to his working method, we will have the possibility of effectively structuring all ourinformation.

Which later will make it much easier to locate certain specific data. We can use these labels both through the suggestions that the toolitself makes available to us, as well as by creating our own personalized ones.

In the same way, we can create a set of them that we will mark as prominent or more common so that later. Once we have created the structure, the platform itself is able to structure the newdocumentsthat we let’s download it.

Structure your documentation with Tagdox

To this must be added the fact that once you have created ourdatabase focused on using the aforementioned labels.

You will then be able to directly share all of our documentation as if we were working more on a cloud storage service through working groups orprojects.

There is no doubt that all this will be of great help, if it is done patiently and methodically, for example in companies so that several employees have access to this service because it is a good solution as service documentation.

Although this can also be extrapolated to study groups, for example, or friends who share various hobbies,family memberswho share common documents, etc.

At the moment, to start working with Tagdox, it is necessary to have an account on theLinkedin social network, and from there start generating tags,groups, projects and attaching new documents by them.

Simply dragging to the interfaceof the service. Finally we will say that it supports most of the most used formats today.

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