5 Tips To Make LinkedIn Profiles Look Attractive And Professional

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is a social networking site or application that aims for business, in general, on professional networking work. LinkedIn has even been used as a benchmark and method for job recruitment throughout the world.

5 Tips to Make LinkedIn Profiles Look Attractive and Professional

Most job recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to hire perfect and skilled job candidates to be employed at their company.

LinkedIn Profiles display a profile view that you can set in such a way as to connect with other people. In this article, there are some tips for creating a LinkedIn profile to look attractive and professional.

These tips will help you to form a LinkedIn profile in an easy, neat, and organized way. You can also find the job you want, in the field, in any interest by organizing and showing your expertise on LinkedIn profiles.

So, the benefits of LinkedIn’s social network are to create attractive and professional LinkedIn profiles to attract a lot of companies.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 by Reid Hoffman and launched in May 2003, Linkedin is one of the most influential sites for easy kids who are looking for their desired job.

In 2015, LinkedIn already had more than 400 million members in more than 200 countries and regions. And in 2018, more than half a billion people have registered with LinkedIn.

This site is available in various languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and many others. In December 2016, Microsoft acquired Linkedin and according to the SEC filing, Microsoft paid around $ 26.4 billion to invest.

How to Make a Linkedin Profile Attractive and Professional

1. Post a Professional Profile Photo

In fact, a profile photo will make a first impression for someone who visits your LinkedIn profile. You don’t need to wear a suit, attach a profile photo that looks polite and professional by clearly showing your face.

2. Complete LinkedIn Profile Information

Complete your LinkedIn profile correctly, because this will make it easier for a hiring manager to see your LinkedIn profile. Fill in like you did when making a resume, complete information about your education, work experience, expertise and your skills and others. Do not hesitate to fill any expertise you have.

Because like other search engines, the algorithm on LinkedIn also works on many keywords. With the right keywords you can rank your LinkedIn profile at the top compared to similar profiles of other people. LinkedIn profiles that have interesting and appropriate words are very influential on LinkedIn’s algorithm.

3. Creating a LinkedIn Profile URL

Most job posting sites will ask for your LinkedIn Profile URL. Or maybe you want to share your LinkedIn profile directly with some recruiters or when you are applying for a company. To do this, you must know what LinkedIn Profile URL you have.

By default, LinkedIn gives us random profile urls. But no need to worry because our LinkedIn Profile URL can change it. You can edit the LinkedIn Profile URL in the Edit Profile section as shown in the image below.

How to open Settings> Edit Public Profile. You can adjust your LinkedIn Profile url. And it is recommended to make the url as simple as possible so that it’s easy to memorize.

4. Check your profile thoroughly

Correct all spelling that you have filled in on your profile, because even a mistake in punctuation can make a LinkedIn profile look unprofessional. Although most LinkedIn profiles use English, you can also fill in LinkedIn profile information with Indonesian.

Check your LinkedIn profile by placing it as a reader for example. Then see how you think your LinkedIn profile looks like if you are seen as a reader? Make sure it is filled in correctly and also don’t exaggerate in filling out your LinkedIn profile.

5. Always Be Active Socially

Tag people in interesting posts when you are searching for something. Because it will make your profile stand out if seen by recruiters. Stay active and always reply when there are important messages. Update your LinkedIn profile every time you have something new whether it’s a professional achievement or a new position.

LinkedIn also has a group, as does most social networks. A place for members to share information about business and work. Always active and involved in group discussions, it is very possible for you to find connections and get new job information.

Those are some tips for creating an attractive and professional-looking LinkedIn profile so that many companies can see it. How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile is very influential to quickly be called a company in the field you want.

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