Maps in Minecraft | Download the Best Maps to Play Alone or With Friends

Minecraft is one of the most popular games today and, with the passage of time, new players decide to dabble in this title. However, there are people who are not satisfied with the base map of this video game.

For this reason, the following article has compiled a series of maps created by other users, as well as extremely fun servers to make your hours of play the best.

Maps in Minecraft | Download the Best Maps to Play
Maps in Minecraft | Download the Best Maps to Play

Maps in Minecraft | Download the Best Maps to Play Alone or With Friends

In this regard, you should know that there are many original maps and servers, aimed at all kinds of players, whether for those who like to explore medieval worlds arctic areas, the Wild West or opt for the recreation of other universes.

In general, they are options where you can experience survival mode in a unique way, in which you must face a series of challenges together with friends or alone.

List of maps

Next, you will find a list of maps in Minecraftcreated, for the most part, by the same players. So, you will find all kinds of areas to explore. Among these worlds are:

Ant Farm

Ant Farm is a map created in 2011, where you can find out what it feels like to be locked in an ant farm. To do this, it consists of three different experiences: the classic Minecraft survival mode and two other maps in the same category, which have been modified to increase the difficulty level of this map. As a result, you will find an adventure full of challenges, together with a slightly closed and small design.

Minecraft Middle Earth

Now, if you have enjoyed the installments of “The Lord of the Rings”, Minecraft Middle Earth is the perfect server to explore the universe of Tolkien.

Here, you will find all the geography described in the books, such as its cities, farms, caves and castles. It is a community project, which consists of numerous events in which you can participate.

Adventure Time Adventure Map

This is a map inspired by the “Adventure Time” universe it was created 10 years ago and nowadays, it does not receive updates.

In this world, you will find a pack of your own textures, which gives it a greater resemblance to the one seen in the series. In addition, the map stands out for having different challenges that are based on certain chapters of this cartoon series.

Deadly orbit

Deadly Orbit is inspired by movies like “Gravity”, making it ideal for gamers who are fond of space exploration and survival challenges.

The history of this map begins when the spacecraft “Soyuz” is near the International Space Station, and out of nowhere, a cloud of space debris breaks the propulsion module. Those inside the spacecraft try to communicate, but no one responds to the call of these astronauts.

This is how this adventure begins, so you will find yourself in a hostile survival environment, where food is scarce and you will have to make weapons that help you defend yourself, while you explore space. You will have limited resources, so you will have to think carefully about how to spend them.

The Shire

The Shire, known as “Shirecraft” is an initiative of a community that is constantly growing and that has its semi-creative free-build server, in which historical buildings, its own subway network and hundreds of houses have been added.

A being a server of this class, the users have the chance to win a range that allows them access to their own creative way, as surviving on the map.

Containment Survival 2

Containment Survival 2 is a map designed as a survival challenge in which you must advance through a set of containment cells, which present a unique biome.

In this adventure, you will be guided by an AI and, you will have to complete a series of survival challenges, within a time limit. It is a version similar to the Portal game but adapted to Minecraft.

Kingdom of galekin

In Kingdom of Galekin you will find a medieval fantasy world which is the product of the creation of a single person. The map features gigantic monuments, cities, regions and natural formations.

Overall, this is a universe that has been under construction since 2012 and is ideal for players who love to explore new places.

Titan city

Titan City is the ideal map for those who are fans of urban architecture since its creator was in charge of building an entire city, which took several years to complete.

The result is a metropolis at its best, full of huge skyscrapers, streets, avenues with their corresponding lighting and other details. In total, the map has 136 buildings, giving a total of 7 and a half million blocks, approximately.


Ghiblicraft is not a downloadable map but a server product of the work of 50 users, who recreated the entire universe of Studio Ghibli movies within Minecraft.

In this world, you will meet the iconic buildings of this studio as well as iconic characters, such as Totoro. For its construction, the creators used stills from the films and interpreted them.

Rich Medieval Town & Castle

Rich Medieval Town & Castle is a project in which you will find a medieval town with a Germanic style. In fact, it has a structure based on the famous Eltz Castle in Wierschem, Germany, but with certain changes. It also consists of a medieval town with houses inspired by this time, and that stand out for their elegance and beauty.

Wrath of the Fallen

It’s an adventure map in which the Minecraft universe transforms into a hack-and-slash RPG. Therefore, the difficulty of the world is aimed at the cooperative mode with two players.

In this map, you will find a set of beautiful structures, potions and custom weapons, as well as six final bosses and custom monsters.

Minecraft Titanic

Minecraft Titanic is a map where you will find a 1: 1 real-scale recreation of the iconic Titanic with each of its furnished rooms, and it even has the refrigerators corresponding to decks F and G. It is a map that cost you a year of work to its creator and 9 years later, it continues to record downloads.


If you are a fan of Games of Thrones, WesterosCraft is the perfect map for you. It is the product of the work of a group of users, who were in charge of recreating all of Westeros from its castles to its forests.

In fact, seen from above you can recognize the silhouette of the territory. In general, it is an open server, which only requires the download of the official launcher.


EdgeCraft is a project inspired by the “Mirror’s Edge” video game universe, in which you will find an exact and faithful recreation of the city that appears in this title.

Therefore, if you download the map, you will have the option to run across the rooftops, just as you would in this title, but within the universe and style of Minecraft.

The Dropper 2

This is an adventure map, perfect for those fans of heights. Here, you will be released at a high point and the goal will be for you to survive the fall.

While you fall, you will have to dodge all kinds of barriers and blocks, so you must be fast to avoid crashing. If you can survive and avoid stamping yourself, you can win.

Pixelmon Adventure Map

It is a version of a map created for a YouTube series. However, at the end of this project, the creators decided to upload the map so that any user could download and explore it.

Overall, it works like a survival and adventure minimap where you’ll find classic quest items from the Pokémon universe like the 9 islands and a set of Master Trainers to beat.

Imperial City

With gigantic dimensions, Imperial City is the recreation of an imaginary city, which was built in the style of the 19th and early 20th centuries where you will find currents from neoclassical to modern.

There are two branches of this project the original that was abandoned in 2013 and a version created by other people, who have developed it with the approval of its original creators.


On the Artic map, your adventure begins when you approach the first ship you see to flee from the moneylenders, not knowing that your heading is the Arctic.

After three days on board and with an empty stomach, you wake up after a shipwreck so you will have to go out in search of supplies before nightfall.

It is perfect for those who want to play in multiplayer mode, as surviving the first hours will be the biggest challenge due to the snowy environment in which you will be.

Herobrine’s Mansion

It is an adventure map ideal to play in cooperative mode, although it can also be enjoyed alone. In this world, you will find six final bosses, custom monsters, all kinds of items and shops. In fact, it has its own story that lasts for two hours of play.

Here, the action will take place in a huge mansion which is made up of a large number of different rooms, in which you can find all kinds of dangers.

JUMANJI Adventure

JUMANJI Adventure is a map inspired by the movie “Jumanji: The Next Level”. It is an online arena, ideal for exploring and playing with friends since it is of the adventure and action type. As in the movie, players must pass all kinds of unexpected tests to progress in the game.

Server List

If you are looking for a fun, action-packed or ideal server to go on adventures with friends you can opt for the following:


This is an RPG server that has a community of approximately 1,000 simultaneous players. It stands out from other servers because it has all the characteristics of an MMORPG such as classes, dungeons, purchases and sales, level systems and quests.

In addition, it has a story and background behind each mission, which is ideal for those looking for an RPG within the world of Minecraft.


Potterworld MC

In Potterworld MC you will find the Harry Potter universe which is based on the JK Rowling books. Here, you can tour iconic buildings from the wizarding world such as Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, and The Forbidden Forest.

You will also find an entire community of fans of the saga, with whom you can go to class, fight wand duels and even play Quidditch.


The Mining Dead

For zombie fans this is the ideal server. It is based on the famous series “The Walking Dead” and here, you must find a way to survive the undead that haunt the server.

In addition, you will have numerous mini-games and challenges of the survival, PvE and PvP type, which you can enjoy together with friends or alone.


Grand theft Minecraft

Grand Theft Minecraft is a themed server, inspired by the famous Rockstar Games video game saga. Here, you will find an open world full of gangster characters, weapons and vehicles.

However, it differs from the original title because you will have the opportunity to choose your role be it gangster or cop. If you choose the latter, you will find yourself in the task of catching the bad guys.


MC Atlas

MC Atlas is a huge server, having a scale of approximately 1: 1000. Therefore, by accessing it, you will find a gigantic space in which you can create your entire world if it is of your preference.

In general, here you will find cities, kilometer-long rivers and beautiful mountain ranges, as well as all kinds of biomes.

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Pixelmon Harmony

In Pixelmon Harmony you will find different Pokémon in Minecraft format since it is a whole world where seven generations live.

On this server, you can interact and play with them and even help recreate the largest number of regions that exist in the Pokémon universe, or the eighth generation.



ExtremeCraft is a server where you will find a series of totally different games including prison breaks, hide and seek, egg fights and more, which guarantees you long hours of fun. It should be noted that it is full of players, events and construction contests. In addition, it receives constant updates.


Minemen Club

It is a perfect server to face other players as it is suitable for PvP (Player versus Player) confrontations. Therefore, you will find different game modes arcade and ranked games, as well as solutions designed to avoid the presence of cheats. If you are looking for a different server with action in Minecraft, this is your best option.

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PirateCraft is a server inspired by the universe of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In this world, you can sail your own ship, raid other players, find loot and sail the seas in search of new adventures. It is perfect to enjoy with friends and create your own crew.



It is a Spanish-speaking server in which you will find a series of game modes that you can enjoy with your friends, including Survival, HideAndSeek and Skyblock, as well as a set of skins, missions and many more. It is a SemiPremium server so it can be played by both Non-Premium and Premium users.



Hypixel is a classic server, known as one of the ones with the highest number of players in Minecraft, it usually exceeds 100,000 users at certain times of the day. It stands out for having a large community and offering various mini-games, including Skywars, TNT-tag, among others.


Enjoying the gameplay and graphics that Minecraft offers can become a very fun task, especially if you take into account the previously mentioned maps and servers, which stand out for their variety of themes and game mechanics.

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