How to See Mediaset Play Streaming Free from the PC

We all know that Mediaset Play[Now known as Mediaset infinity] has become extremely popular as a free online streaming platform. Spanning categories such as movies, TV shows, sports and news channels, Mediaset Play [or Mediaset Play Film] offers first-class entertainment for its viewers.

How to See Mediaset Play Streaming Free from the PC
How to See Mediaset Play Streaming Free from the PC

How to See Mediaset Play Streaming Free from the PC

To facilitate access, the platform has been made available on Android, iOS, Smart TV and for PC as a web application.

Although mobile phones have become much simpler for entertainment on the go, this article will focus on PC users of the platform and website, aka Media set Infinity.

This article will briefly cover the different categories the website has that users can interact with and has a short guide to creating an account for new users and a direct access option for existing users.

Mediaset Play – Web Application for PC [Online]

As previously mentioned, the Mediaset Play and Mediaset Play films are currently called Mediaset Infinity, and it is the same one on the site. The website is very interactive with 5 top menu options to choose from.

Users can also scroll down the homepage to view different categories and sideways in any category. They can also preview the program by simply hovering the mouse pointer over the program name.

The 5 Menu Options Are The Following


This menu lists the different entertainment categories that users can choose from: TV Shows, Fiction and TV Series, Cinema, Documentaries, Kids and Magazines. These broad categories are listed to also reach users of different age groups and different interests.

Live TV:

This category is sure to appeal to users who wish to watch any TV show broadcast live at that precise moment. So, all sports or documentary lovers can tune into this category at the desired time and enjoy the experience it offers.

Discover Infinity +:

This option is more of a paid membership and is centered for those users who are interested in subscribing for additional features like additional Hollywood movies, 4K quality streaming, and so on.


Some users may be interested in the channel through which they would like to see their TV show. Mediaset Play offers 8 channels to choose from between History, Sports, Crime + Investigation and Kids. It also covers a couple of channels for users who would like to tune in during midnight and view their shows.


This category only gives a general idea of ​​the Mediaset Play sector and the structure of the groups to which it is linked. Users can view this page to gain some knowledge about the platform.

Mediaset Play – Steps To Create An Account And Log In

Below is the basic step-by-step guide to watch and use Mediaset Play in free streaming from a PC using the website. New users can follow step A and then move on to step B while existing users can skip step A directly.

Step A: Creating A Media Play Account [New Users]

  • Mediaset Play is free to stream online content, which means that it is also free to create an account. For all new users, go to the top right corner of the website that has the user icon and select the “ Login” option.
  • Select “Don’t have an account? Register. ” Option. This will direct you to 4 different social media options through which you can choose: Apple, Facebook, Google and the standard registration with email and password.
  • Choose the method from the four methods indicated and enter your credentials. While entering your credentials, make sure your password is very strong to avoid third party hacking into our account.
  • Users who create their Mediaset Play account through Apple, Facebook or Google will receive a notification in their e-mail confirming the creation of an account on the site. However, users who register for an account via email and password will receive an email to confirm their credentials and validate their account to complete the registration process.

After registration, users can use Mediaset Play to start browsing and watching any online content.

Step B: Accessing the Media Play Account [Existing Users]

  • Existing users can access the icon at the top right of the Mediaset Play website and click on the“mediaset play login” option.
  • Choose the option you registered an account with during the registration password.
  • If the credentials are correct, you will log in and gain access to browse and stream free content on the website.

Mediaset play has become one of the debut successful web streaming services. Following the steps above can help users have a hassle-free experience playing with Mediaset.

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