miHoYo Launches Update Genshin Impact Patch 1.3, New Boss, Minigame

Launched towards the end of last year, Genshin Impact has skyrocketed as the most popular game on Android phones. Its success has gained popularity in a short period of time thanks to the variety of content available and the developer’s efforts to always offer something new with each update.

miHoYo Launches Update Genshin Impact Patch 1.3, New Boss, Minigame, and Many Other Interesting Content.

miHoYo Launches Update Genshin Impact Patch 1.3, New Boss, Minigame
miHoYo Launches Update Genshin Impact Patch 1.3, New Boss, Minigame

And yesterday, miHoYo shared leaked content that will be released in the upcoming Genshin Impact patch 1.3 update. In a special program that airs on YouTube, miHoYo invites fans to check out new cash for the patch that will be released on February 3.

Then, what is the new content? Check out the further description below, yes.

New Content Patch1.3 Genshin Impact

Through the trailer above, players can get an overview of some of the content that will be launched. But it should be noted, considering that the information conveyed by miHoYo in the video above is still leaked, the possibility of changes is still large.

More fully, here are some of the new content that miHoYo will share. Cekidot, kuy.

New 5 Star Character: Xiao (Anemo, Polearm)

The upcoming update introduces a new Genshin Impact character named Xiao. This 5-star character is known to have the Anemo element and uses the Polearm weapon.

As before, 5 star characters are premium characters. This means that the user can use this character through the gacha mechanism.

Free 4 Star Characters

Although miHoYo does not add 4-star characters in this update, users can get these characters for free. However, players need to participate in the ‘Stand by Me’ event.

All players who complete the tasks of the event will have the right to choose one of the six four-star characters provided. The five characters include Xinyan, Xiangling, Beidou, Xingqiu, Ningguang, and Chongyun.

Lantern Riteevent

The main content that is the focus of the Genshin Impact patch 1.3 update is theLantern Rite event. By completing this event, players will get a prize in the form of an event item, which can be used to penetrate other items.

Items available for exchange include Experience books, Character Ascension fragments, and new Dust of Azoth materials.

Minigame Tower Defense – Theater Mechanicus

As part of theLantern Rite event, players can play the Tower Defense minigame. Based on the trailer above, players can place, upgrade, and build various types of defense towers with different elements and different mechanisms.

Like most tower defense games, the enemy will try to beat you through the track. And it is on this path that players must place Tower Defense to defend their base.

It’s just that, there is one different element in this minigame. The developer designs the game so that you, as the main character, also enter the battle area and help defend. Of course, the game will be even more exciting, right?

New Boss – Primo Geovishap

A new challenge is given by the company by adding a new boss named Primo Geovishap. And based on the background story we can watch, it seems that this new boss monster is able to change some elements.

For other details regarding the boss battle mechanism, miHoYo is still reluctant to share it. But what is clear, the ability to change elements will certainly add its own difficulties for every player who wants to beat this new boss.

Well, that’s a variety of new content that miHoYo will provide in the Genshin Impact patch 1.3 update later. So, just wait in February, and experience an adventure that is guaranteed to be even more tense.

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