Octopus TV: New Site To Watch Movies For Free

Octopus TV is a new site that allows you to watch streaming movies for free in high definition. Here’s what you need to know about Polpo TV and how to use it.

Octopus TV: New Site to Watch Movies For Free
Octopus TV: New Site to Watch Movies For Free

Octopus TV: New Site to Watch Movies For Free

A new streamingsite that allows you towatch streaming movies for free in high definition.Since I seem to have understood thatthere is a lot of confusion on the Polpo TV site, I decided to publish an article about it to try to clarify this portal, on which users often arrive after doing a search onthe Torrent siteBlack Corsair.

Without getting lost in chatter, let’s start immediately our in-depth article onPolpo TV.

What is Polpo TV?

As anticipated, it isa completely free streaming movie site, like many others we have already talked about on our site (such asCB01,Altadefinizioneand all the others).

If you are looking for amovie to watch online for free and without registration , Polpo TV is the site for you. Very updated, very stocked, simple to use and navigate. A recommended site!

How to visit Polpo Tv

visit Polpo Tv
visit Polpo Tv

To visit this site you can simplygo to the address


What you see above isthe only officialand always updated website of the portal.

Is Octopus TV Safe?

Absolutely yes! It is a verysecurestreaming site that, unlike sites with invasive advertising that can lead to the installation of viruses or other malicious software, does not have any type of problem or risk.

In addition to this, I point out that on Polpo TV there is no type of invasive advertising, banners or anything else.It is the only ad-free streaming movie site.

In the face of this, you can safely navigate it without even using solutions such asVPN,DNSchanger orAdBlockersince they are not necessary.

Octopus TV streaming movies in high definition for free

This portal, unlike otherstreaming sites, offersonly high definition and high quality movies.This will allow you toenjoy the highest resolution and quality possiblewhen watching astreaming movie.

On the one hand it is a greatadvantage,since you will not be forced to watch films shot with the camera or with the mobile phone in the cinema, with low quality audio and video, on the other hand it is adisadvantageas itcan happen that more recent ones are not available for viewing on Octopus TV (films are shared only when the high definition version is available).

From my point of viewthis aspect is very interesting, since I am sure to find only high quality films on Polpo TV and I never find myself in front of “bad surprises” with films shot in the room and with unacceptable audio and video quality or just enough.

How to use Octopus TV to watch streaming movies for free?

The use of Polpo TV is extremely simple, clear and immediate , within the reach of even the less experienced users. To watch your favorite movies, all you have to do is:

  • Access the Polpo TV homepage
  • Search for the streaming movie you are interested in among the many proposed (you can search among those on the homepage, you can search through the dedicated form or you can use the filters in the upper right part of the portal)
  • Once you find the movie you are interested in, you can watch it for free by clicking on the dedicated play button.

As you can see,watching free streaming movies on Polpo TV is quick and easy, certainly within everyone’s reach.

Very interesting to note, then, that for each film you will find:

  • Plot
  • Trailer
  • Information about the actors
  • Information on gender and duration
  • Votes of the main international reviews
  • Comments from other users who have already seen the movie

In short, it is a very complete portal that allows you towatch streaming movies for freein an extremely simple way.

How to download movies from Octopus TV

At the moment itis NOT possible to download the films on Polpo TV.You can onlywatch them streaming online, but you cannot download them to watch them offline and without internet.

I don’t know if in the future there will be the possibility todownload the films from Polpo TV, in case I will publish a guide about it.

For now, however,there is no possibility to download films from Octopus TV.

Why does the Black Corsair refer to Polpo TV?

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, many users have informed me that they havereached the Polpo TV siteafter having searched for films to download on the ”Il Corsaro Nero ” portal.

Indeed,when looking for a film on the Black Corsair, the possibility of downloading the video in Torrent format does not appear, butonly to watch it.By clicking on the button dedicated to watching the film, you get directly to Polpo TV.


With this article on Polpo TV I would say that we are done. If something is still not clear, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

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