Online Streaming TV Series | The Best Sites to Watch Free TV Series

In recent years, online TV series have been increasingly successful thanks to the investments and investments of large producers in this phenomenon.

We are used to seeing more and more beautiful and exciting online TV series every year in new or unpublished chapters.

Online Streaming TV Series | The Best Sites to Watch Free TV Series
Online Streaming TV Series | The Best Sites to Watch Free TV Series

The way to watch TV series is constantly evolving, solutions, services and websites have multiplied, thousands of piracy portals and quality legal services like Netflix.

Illegal sites continue to be highly regarded because failure to comply with the license will release all or most of the series being broadcast.

On the other hand, these sites rarely offer high definition episodes, they also have to sustain themselves by monetizing, and they hardly have access to the most profitable ads.

So they are often full of ads, sometimes even annoying pop-up windows and script miners (we provide a specific guide for this topic).

In this article, we will look at all kinds of streaming TV websites, you can see all the sites and services of these two types on the internet, all for illustrative purposes. It is a crime to download and abuse audiovisual materials that share copyright protection from the Internet.

It is not our intention to encourage piracy, so we take no responsibility for the use of the information here. We recommend that you use the legal services to watch the series.

They are convenient, ad-free, and without long-term buffering. They usually allow you to enjoy high definition series, safe and in compliance with the law.

Most of the international portals that talk about pirated sites recommend using a VPN to ensure security.

Online Streaming TV Series 2022

Free Streaming Sites To Watch Online Tv Series

This is the list of the best sites to watch TV series online. This list includes tv series sites that you can easily access and watch your own facourite series.

You may encounter problems while accessing some sites, this is due to the blocking of sites at the DNS level. You can try to change the DNS of your device (the most used are CloudFlare and Google) and enjoy the website content easily. This simple change will also allow you to improve your Internet browsing.

  7. HD
  8. Filmsenzalimiti01.home
  15. Filmfor

Free Legal Streaming Sites Of Online TV Series is a great website that you can visit to watch free online TV series in Italian. They have all the latest series and movie titles, which you can watch easily.

They also have movies, documentaries, music, TV series, and fiction. To use their contents, simply log in and, using the button at the top left, you can access the menu that presents all the contents. The best thing about Raiplay is that you can use your smartphones and tablets to stream content.

MediasetPlay is quite similar to the Raiplay site. With MediasetPlay, along with films and TV series, you can also stream live broadcasts of all Mediaset channels such as Canale 5, Rete 4, Italia 1, Italia 2 and more.

You can also watch and stream MediasetPlay content from mobile devices simply by installing the apps forAndroid andiPhone.

The best DPlay portal to try free online TV series in Italian, documentaries and entertainment programs. It also has popular talent shows and quizzes. You can download it to yourAndroidandiOS device.

Did you know that you can watch full movies on Youtube? This popular video platform known to all contains a good number of movies which are very interesting and can be seen legally.

Vodkey is a platform that includes a wide range of external streaming services. This collection contains links to other video portals.

PopCornTV is a platform where you can find many movies, although not very popular. The service is heavily based on Youtube and other video streaming platforms.

The Vvvvid streaming platform is very popular for hosting Japanese anime. You just have to register via Facebook or with a username and password. You can now watch a lot of the legally available content.

Paid Streaming Services Of Tv Series


It is the most favored legal streaming service in the world and includes, in addition to films, documentaries and even TV series.

The behemoth commonly generates material offered specifically on its platform. However, if you want types of registration, check out our article: Save money by sharing your Netflix subscription.

2.Amazon Prime Video

For all Amazon Prime customers, consisting of the subscription, there is “Prime Video”, one of the major competitors of the aforementioned Netflix. It consists of a plethora of HD movies and a TELEVISION collection, also exclusive to Amazon.

The directory is a bit much more limited than that of the competitors but you have the benefit of having registration included with amazon prime solutions.

For non-subscribers, you can take a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial to discover the full brochure and make a decision later whether or not to close the first one before it expires.


It is Disney’s newest streaming solution, with a service with high-quality content given that launch, such as the blockbusters from Pixar as well as recent acquisitions of Lucas Film (with the legal rights to Star Wars), Marvel (with all the superhero films about the brand) and the 21st century FOX with many of its contents (such as the Simpsons), with a slowly growing catalog.

This system currently supports 4K with HDR10 and also extremely low subscription prices. However, you can find all the details in the Disney link above.


It is Mediaset’s streaming solution (constantly in response to Netflix), equally well supplied, which provides the opportunity to see an extremely new and completely free title weekly. This service is also free for the first 30 days, during which time you can use it comfortably.

5.Now TV

It is Sky’s streaming service, very comparable to the first 2 with the opportunity to have a totally free 14-day trial. The subscription to the platform is usually offered specifically to try to catch up with significant rivals (Netflix and Amazon Prime above all).


It is TIM’s on-demand system where you can find films, TV shows and other programs as well. It is also possible to carry out a one-month free trial on this service.

If you want to save money, you can also split the membership fee of one of these solutions, possibly between family or friends.

How To Block Invasive Pop-ups On Streaming Sites

All online sites, including ours, work and also exist thanks to advertising and marketing on their pages so every little thing is fine.

However, something is the marketing you voluntarily choose to control and also one thing is the intrusive pop-ups that pop up and multiply ending up being really frustrating and even extreme.

Thanks to the Chrome Internet browser, there are some settings that allow you to block intrusive advertisements and marketing pop-ups, instead of omitting sites that have typical advertising and marketing content. Let’s see which actions to respect:

  1. We open the Chrome browser on our computer.
  2. Click on the 3 dots that we find in the other special ones under the closing red “X”.
  3. This will open a food selection where you can click on “Settings”.
  4. Scrolling down we click on “Advanced”.
  5. In the “Privacy and Security” section, click on “Site Settings”.
  6. In the section “Popups and redirects”, we should discover the check mark not enabled by default (recommended). Even better click to the right of the “Block” access on the “Add” button, in this way we can insert the link of the site to which we go and of which we intend to block Popups and also redirects.

These little tips will undoubtedly be really useful for not being overwhelmed by invasive ads.

However, I would like to advise you that thanks to marketing most websites can stay online, so advertising is not always to be condemned, however a minimum is constantly required and fair.

Conclusion: Online Streaming Tv Series 2022

Hope you enjoyed this list of the best tv series online streaming sites. You can try to stream your favorite TV series using the free streaming websites.

You may need to change your device’s DNS to access free sites for watching TV series and movies. Or you can also try paid websites that offer the best streaming services.

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