Opera GX – The Browser Designed For Gamers [Windows]

Opera GX is a browser for Windows derived from the famous browser Opera, it is completely focused on the world of gaming with many interesting features and a wide possibility of customization.

Opera GX - The Browser Designed For Gamers [Windows]

To underline the compatibility with Google Chrome extensions.

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Opera GX functionality

Why is the gamers’ browser defined?

Because it was designed for reduced resource consumption, so you can use it even if we have a game open in the background.

Among the various features in fact we find a resource limiter where we can limit the use of RAM and CPU by the browser, find the options in the upper left corner once you open Opera GX:

It is also possible to force the ram usage limit by enabling Fixed Limit

Install Google Chrome extensions on Opera, how do you do it?

Basic work integrates one of its extensions store, but it is not yet at the level of Chrome for which an extension has been inserted that has the ability to be compatible with Chrome extensions. Just download it and enable it to download the extensions from the Chrome Store.

Basic integrated AdBlock

Another interesting feature to save resources and above all for a clean navigation is the basic integrated AdBlock.

To activate it, click on the gear icon on the left, the last in the column.

Here you will find Block ads as the first option, enable it.


Since Opera is also available on mobile, you can synchronize your data between smartphone and computer.

Clicking at the top right on the little man symbol will open the page where you will have to enter the Opera account data for synchronization.


At the top right is the icon of simple customization, the last icon with 3 dashes.

Opening that menu you can change the basic color of Opera GX and change the background, excellent the ability to set what we have already set in the desktop as wallpaper.

Always from the same menu, scrolling downwards it is possible to reduce the browser volume, so as not to disturb us during gaming sessions in the event we have opened a few pages with video or audio.

Video PopUp (also in game)

A feature present in a few browsers is the popup video, the ability to open a mini window always on top with only the video. So we can continue to browse and at the same time continue to watch the video.

This feature will soon be implemented with the possibility of having the video in the foreground even while we play! Ideal for example to see mission solutions while we play, without having to pause to go back to watch the video.


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