Here’s How to Optimize Your Wireless Connection

Every day, there are Danes who get frustrated with slow wi-fi. But what can be done about it? We respond to this on this page, so if you experience slow or catchy internet, exchange your frustrations with knowledge and read on how to optimize your Wireless Connection.

Here's How To Optimize Your Wireless Connection
Here’s How To Optimize Your Wireless Connection

Here’s How To Optimize Your Wireless Connection

If you find that your internet is slow, it may have something to do with your speed, but this is by no means certain.

If you use the Internet a lot, and if you are more people in the home, who are either streaming, gamer or watching TV, then you usually need between 25 and 50 megabytes of download.

So if you are active online and only have 5 or 10 megabytes of download speed, then this may well be the cause of some of your problems. Test your internet speed here.

If you already have a high connection and are still experiencing problems, try our five quick tips.

Follow these five little tips

Here are five specific tips to help you optimize your Wireless Connection.

1. Optimize the location of the router

Your router should preferably be located centrally in the home, or at least centrally in relation to where you frequently use your devices. It does not help that the router is in the basement when you always use the computer on the first floor.

2. Remove blocks

Although routers are not always neat, they should not be blocked. So if you have the router in a closet or the like, then you can take advantage of it.

3. Restart your router

A regular reboot (about 1-2 times a month) can help your router run smoothly.

4. Remove interference

Does your router stand right next to the TV box? Or the radio? Then you can advantageously move it away as these devices can interfere with the wi-fi signal.

5. Call your provider

Your provider will often be able to make small changes to optimize your wireless connection, so if you continue to experience problems, you can call and ask.

The difference between wi-fi and wired connection

However, when you call your provider, be careful about scolding too much as your wi-fi is slow. Because there are many fluctuations in wi-fi, and if you live in a very populated area, there can be hundreds of small interruptions – and your ISP can do nothing about it. The provider will probably advise you to use a wired connection if you continue to experience problems.

The main difference between LAN connections and wi-fi is that you will not experience the same interference when using a wired connection. In addition, you are guaranteed a specific speed when using a cable, which you are not when using the wireless connection.

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