How to Overcome FPS Drop

PS Drop is actually a normal thing, but if it happens quite often and can’t be solved, of course you need an explanation right?

How to Overcome FPS Drop
How to Overcome FPS Drop

How to Overcome FPS Drop

Loading data from disk, loading data from main memory, CPU not providing enough data to process frames due to busy with other things, there are many reasons behind FPS Drop happening.

When a GPU runs out of VRAM, it uses RAM as part of its memory, which is unfortunately much slower and causes stuttering.

Causes of FPS Drop

In some situations, the CPU may slow down during gaming due to overheating, or it may be caused bybattery saver mode.

If the FPS drop in this game occurs, the game actually runs normally, but the framerate drops.

The CPU plays an important role in gaming as it provides the GPU with the data that is transferred to the image viewed on the monitor.

Some things that can cause FPS Drop while playing games:

  • Background applications (background processes) that use resources.
  • Insufficient RAM capacity.
  • Poor graphics card (VGA card).
  • A CPU that does not have the required speed.
  • There is abottleneckbetween the CPU and GPU.
  • Incorrect graphics settings.
  • VGA incompatible game settings feature.

CPU pre-renders frames and gives them to GPU to continue working on them and if CPU doesn’t have enough power/speed this can give GPU less data and then less frames will be rendered and sent to monitor and FPS drop occurs.

The graphics card must have sufficient power to work with larger amounts of data. If we maximize all the settings in the game and have enough VRAM, the data will be stored in VRAM.

But if the GPU doesn’t have enough power to load/render/work with a given amount of data, frames will take more time to render, which means less frames/second aka FPS drop.

Not enough RAM memory can also be a problem if a game wants to use 5GB but only has, say, 4GB. The system will not have sufficient temporary storage for files and will cause large stuttering (fps drop/freezing).

How to Overcome FPS Drop

Oh yes, you need to know the basic knowledge to distinguish FPS drop caused by CPU, GPU, RAM or internet connection.

Not everything that looks like lag/freeze is called FPS drop or is caused by hardware, especially in online games.

Fix game shuttering and FPS drop on NVIDIA this way:

  1. Change NVIDIA control panel settings
  2. Update NVIDIA drivers from the official site.
  3. Use the Maximum Performance setting
  4. Use NVIDIA GPU instead of CPU.

If you use AMD, or iGPU (built-in graphics) do the same and don’t forget to use low settings when playing games.

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