Paxful Wallet | How To Use Bitcoin Wallet For IPhone

It seems that the Bitcoin wallet and its exponential growth in a few months has passed, but the reality is that it has only just begun. Everything seems to indicate that virtual currencies will have a lot to say in the future and if you have money that you do not need at the moment, it may be interesting to invest a part in cryptocurrencies.

Paxful Wallet | How to Use Bitcoin Wallet for iPhone

To do this, one of the easiest methods to get them is to buy them from a service that offers this option. One of them is virtual wallets and today I want to talk about one that has given me a very good impression:Paxful Wallet.

How to Use Bitcoin Wallet for iPhone

One of the first surprises you find when opening the Paxful app and creating your account is its user interface. Its design helps tounderstand its operation in secondsand is that its creators have been able to simplify to the maximum something that in other options is a little more convoluted.

The main screen of the app, called Wallet, shows a summary of the amount of Bitcoins (BTC) that you have in your account and gives you direct access to the functions that you will use the most if you become a user of this type of virtual currency:

To buy

In this section you can buy Bitcoins using different payment methods (bank transfer, PayPal, cards …) and also do it in different markets with which you can get better prices or conditions.

The purchase process is also simple. You will only have to choose the market in which you want to buy, enter the amount of euros you want to invest and follow the instructions that you will see on the screen to choose the payment method. Once completed, the Bitcoins will automatically be added to your account.


Spending could also be called withdrawing, since what this section of the app allows is toconvert Bitcoins into another type of payment method. From here you can transfer your virtual currencies to cash in your bank account, PayPal or AliPay.

In addition, you can also convert it into gift cards from different establishments and finally to buy other types of virtual currencies.


In the send section you can enter the address of another wallet or scan a QR code and use it to send Bitcoins. These transfers can be to another purse you own or, of course, to the purse of any other person or company.

In this way you can pay for a service, send money to a friend or family member, etc, etc …

Receive Bitcoin

This is the last section of the Paxful main screen and in it you can find mainly two things: theaddress of your walletand a QR code to share it in a very simple way.

This is the code that you would have to give to other people so that they can send you Bitcoins and end up in your virtual wallet in the app.

User account and security

Another of the sections that we liked the most about Paxful Wallet are the possibilities it offers to personalize the user account.

To be able to use the application the first thing is to create a user account. To do this you only need to enter an email address and a password. In addition, you will have to verify that the email is real and that you have access with an email that you will receive with a code that you will have to enter in the app.

Once the account is created you can start operating and all transactions will be identified with a random username that the app will have assigned to you. But if you want to make it easier to identify yourself within the platform, you canset your own username. This can be done from the Account tab and it is as easy as clicking on Username and then entering the name you want to use (which may or may not be real).

Thanks to this, your contacts will know when you send them Bitcoins, since they will see in the Transactions tab all the operations you carry out with them.

Thesecuritysection is also worth mentioning. As soon as you create your account within the app, it will ask you to establish a four-digit PIN to access the account. This adds a layer of security that prevents anyone from “looking” at your data within the app without your prior authorization.

But it doesn’t stop there. From the Account tab you can also change the PIN at any time and evenactivate Face ID or Touch ID. So you will not have to enter the PIN every time you access the app, but you can identify yourself with a fingerprint or facial identification.

You can also add your phone number, set some security questions and activate the 2FA verification (which works through SMS or verification apps like Google Authenticator or Authy. With these options your accountwill become a real bunkerand you will know that All your data and your Bitcoins are well protected within the app, since both to access the application and to operate with Bitcoins it will be necessary to carry out a two-step identification.

Paxful Wallet free download

The Paxful Wallet app isavailable completely freeon the App Store (it also has an Android version on the Play Store). You can download and start using it from the following link.

Also, it is important to mention that itis available in several languages. Spanish is one of them, although you will have to choose it in the Account tab once the app is installed (it is not automatically activated even if your iPhone is configured in this language).

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