Perform a Routine With Your Google Assistant

Perform a routine with your Google Assistant.The usual act, as the name implies, is to perform the assigned functions according to an action or command.

In the case of Google Assistant, the usual activities are activated by voice controls. There are two distinct norms: what Google suggests and what you can do. We will talk about both.

Perform a Routine With Your Google Assistant
Perform a Routine With Your Google Assistant

Perform a Routine With Your Google Assistant

Regular Google activity

The app you need to use to set up any normal activity, done in advance by Google or you, is theGoogle Application, which is probably already installed on your smartphone. You can also access the settings throughGoogle Home.

Find the application in your application drawer or drag your finger to the home page of the device, always to the right, until you reach the Google Discover page. In the upper right corner, tap the three dots and thenSettings> Google Assistant> Help.

In the list, find the functionCommon and touch it. You can see a list of common activities, which Google has already suggested with some selected actions, but you can customize it to your liking. There are routines for you to wake up, to sleep, to get out of the house, to go home and to go to work or home. Play any of them.

This is a more enthusiastic page, which is practically self-explanatory. You can add as many new phrases as you like, remembering to choose something that the Helper understands easily and is not too long. In this case, it could be something like “Iwoke up“, always ahead of the command ”Ok Google“.

  • To change the order of events, clickEdit order and to add more actionstouchAdd action.
  • In this area, you need to type new voice commands (already accepted by Google, you have not done so) to add actions as if you were talking to the Helper.
  • You can add, for example, something like ”Turn on the room light” Tap Add when you’re done.

Basically, it’s just that. There are some limitations, but in general, it is possible to provide practical routines for everyday life. A good morning and a good night are the most interesting because while you are awake or asleep, your smartphone will adapt to your needs and inform you about its schedule, routes and more.

Do your own routine

However, what is more interesting is thepossibility of doing your own routine, in addition to what Googleand. Maybe you want a routine to happen if you say there are home visits, or another for if you want to meditate, or even if you are specifically traveling.

  • In this case, still on the usual pages,touch the+ buttonat the bottom of the screen.
  • The new routine is blank, and you need to select a phrase to start the normal activity.
  • Write down what to say, remembering to keep it as simple as possible.
  • Like prefabs, you can choose more than one command for the same routine.
  • Click Ok and then tap Back to continue.
  • After tappingAdd action, and again you can type what you say to the Google Assistant in the normal activity.
  • However, in this custom activity option, you can also tap ” Select the most used actions” and select some that Google considers most useful.
  • Have time, send messages, fix most media, say anything and more. Fun.

Afterward, as predefined actions, you can choose to play media by tapping Add media. You can select the one presented earlier and also configure it as you wish. And that’s it, you’ve set up your usual activity and now your smartphone is much faster and will work for you.

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