Here’s How To Play Apex Legends On Mac

Here’s how to play Apex Legends on Mac: there is no official client, but the methods are not lacking.

Here's How To Play Apex Legends on Mac
Here’s How To Play Apex Legends on Mac

Here’s How To Play Apex Legends on Mac

After Fortnite’s success the title of the moment is called Apex Legends, another third-person action shooter that already has millions of fans and followers across the web . Unfortunately the title Electronic Arts is not officially available on Mac, yet there are several ways to play Apex Legends on Mac. Here is what it is.

Install Windows on Mac

The first way to play Apex Legends on Mac is to install Windows 10 on your Apple machine. There are several ways to do this, some of them free, others for a fee. Among the first Apple VirtualBox and BootCamp, while among the latter the best choice is definitely Parallels Desktop.

Several guides on how to install Windows on Mac, using Apple’s Boot Camp, or even Palallels Desktop. Whatever solution you choose, you will still need to have an original license in order to use the operating system after a first trial period.

After installing and starting Windows on Mac, all you have to do is install Apex Legends by downloading it from the official EA site .

Although this way you run the game directly on Windows, which is also installed on the Mac, this is not the ideal solution. The Windows virtualization method, in short, is not the best method to play Apex Legends on Mac. Or rather, it is not the most reliable solution.

This is because it may lack graphic compatibility, or because the game could run into malfunctions, due to the constantly updated Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) systems by Electronic Arts: the game could steal some weirdness in this installation, and therefore could not work properly.

Streaming from PS4 to Mac

Whoever has a PS4 can choose to play Apex Legends on Mac via streaming. This will be possible using the software made available officially by Sony , which allows the games being played on PS4 to be played on the Mac.

Remote control

The third method to play Apex Legends on Mac is to play the game on a PC, streaming on a Mac, connected remotely. There are several tools to access your Windows computer from a Mac.

Among the most popular Microsoft Remote Desktop or TeamViewer, although the setting of the commands on the keyboard will surely give you some problems, even more if you decide to use a controller.

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