Play Milla Jovovich In The Monster Hunter World Game

Maybe it’s strange. However, for players and fans, there is nothing more fun than completing quests provided by the developer. And the oddity was presented by the Capcom studio when combining content between the Monster Hunter World game and Monster Hunter Mobile.

Play Milla Jovovich in the Monster Hunter World Game
Play Milla Jovovich in the Monster Hunter World Game

Play Milla Jovovich in the Monster Hunter World Game Event Quest

Yes, the event was launched to celebrate the momentum of the release of the film with the same title, starring Milla Jovovich, who is also famous for her role in theResident Evil film.

Launching from the official Capcom website, it is known that Capcom will launch two limited quest events; where you will play as Artemis (voiced by Milla Jovovich) – the star of the movie Monster Hunter.

Indeed, the Monster Hunter film is still not officially released. According to information obtained by Enulis from Wikipedia, the plan is that the film will be released on December 3. However, for Monster Hunter game players, you can get a few spoilers from the event that is being held by this developer.

You see, through this event quest you will finish the story like in a movie – United States army captain Artemis accidentally gets trapped in the Monster Hunter world after falling into a mysterious portal.

Seriously. You can watch this scene when starting this quest event. And, oddly enough, when Artemis speaks in English, the NPCs and residents who meet will speak in Monster Hunter.

But it’s good for us to forget about the oddities that are easily found. After all, this event is a form of studio celebration of the release of a film inspired by the global hit game. So, the author will focus more on how the quest is and the prizes you are entitled to.

Monster Hunter Event Quest and Prizes

Now, for the first quest, you will be asked to move Artemis to eradicate Black Diablos in Wildspire Waste. Once the Black Diablos is successfully eradicated, you will get a prize in the form of a material that can be used to make Artemis alpha’s armor set. FYI, this is the armor that Artemis also wore in the movies, you know.

As for the second quest, a bigger challenge was given to Artemis; kill the giant Rathalos. If you succeed in defeating Rathalos, you will get the material for Artemis’s armor layer – which Milla also uses in the film.

In addition, you are also entitled to get a special item package bylogging in to thegame on November 26 at 16.00 PST / 19.00 EST / or November 27 at 00.00 GMT.

Not only that, but you also deserve some interesting items. Among others:

  • Ancient Potion (30)
  • Dust of Life (30)
  • Golden Egg (10)
  • True Armor Sphere (3)
  • Jewel + earplug (1)

It is important to note, this event item package can only be claimed once per character.

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