Resident Evil 3 Remake Guide: Collectibles, Puzzles, Codes, Secrets And Trophies

Welcome to theResident Evil 3 Remake Guide, a title developed by Capcom, currently available forPS4,Xbox One and on PC. Below you will find the guide on how tounlock the trophiesin the game, perform some missions andfind all the collectiblesincluding: puzzles, codes, secrets, files, Charlie Dolls, padlocks, safes, key objects and trophies.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Guide: Collectibles, Puzzles, Codes, Secrets and Trophies

Resident Evil 3 Remake Guide: Collectibles, Puzzles, Codes, Secrets and Trophies

Resident Evil 3 Remake Guide to all collectibles (files, Charlie Dolls, padlocks, safes, key objects)

Resident Evil 3 Remake(2020) integrates144 collectibles: 56 rows, 20 Charlie dolls, 20 padlocks / lockers / safes / selectable padlocks, 6 inventory upgrades, 25 key items, 4 collectible weapons.

This guide shows them all in chronological order. Finding all collectibles in Resident Evil 3 unlocks the following trophies and achievements:

  • Charlie on the ground(Destroy a Charlie doll)
  • All crazy about Charlie!(Destroy all Charlie dolls)
  • Dear reader …(Read all documents.)
  • Burglar Queen(Open all safes, all types of padlocks and safes.)
  • Human Arsenal(Collect all weapons in the main campaign.)
  • Gunsmith(Upgrade a weapon.)
  • Multipockets(Expand inventory.)

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Guide All weapon positions

Resident Evil 3 Remake (2020) integrates4 collectible weapons and 6 purchasable weapons. This guide shows all the positions of the weapons in the game.

Some weapons are automatically placed in your inventory and have no position(Jill’s starting gun and the starting gun + assault rifle for Carlos).

Resident Evil 3 Remake – Clock Tower Memorial Monument Puzzle Solution (Every Gem in its Place Trophy)

Resident Evil 3 RemakeTrophy guide Each gem in its place(Insert all gems on the clock plate in the subway.)

In the Safe Room ofRedstone Street stationthere is a wooden clock. It says “Commemoration of the Clock Tower”. On the clock monument we find a dial with 3 colored slots (green, blue, red).

You have to find3 colored jewels(green, blue, red) that can be inserted in the monument. All are located within the so-called “Fantasy Boxes” found throughout the downtown section after leaving Redstone Street station.

However, you can’t get all three of them until you’ve unlocked the Lock Picks as part of the story. So keep playing until you have the picks. Once done, step back to the center.

  1. TheGreen Jewelis located in the Downtown Toy Store. You must use the pick on the padlock door of the toy store. Inside you will find the fancy box (examine it from the inventory to open the box and find the jewel inside).
  2. The blue jewelcan be found in the Downtown supermarket. Directly across from the toy store. It requires the Bolt Cutters to destroy the chains on the Supermarket door (you automatically got the Bolt Cutters on the way to the Lock Picks). Take the fancy box from inside the supermarket, examine it for Jewel.
  3. Thered jewelis located in the safe room of the Donut Shop. Once again it is in a fancy box, once you have collected it examine it from the inventory.

When you find all 3 jewels, go back to the Safe Room at Redstone Street station and place them in the clock tower monument. Get a grenade, a weapon upgrade, a fanny pack and even the trophy.

Resident Evil 3 Remake – Kite Bros Railway Subway Route Puzzle Solution (Subway Office)

Resident Evil 3 Remake (2020) – Kite Bros Railway Subway Route Solution to the puzzle in Subway Office

The Subway Route Puzzle is located inthe subway office, after returning to Downtown from the area infested with spiders. Some switches need to be reordered to change the subway route.The combination is: RE 01 – FA 02 – RA 03 – SA 02 – FO 01.

This allows you to adjust the train route from Redstone Street to Fox Park. When finished, click the “Enter” button and the subway tracks on the wall will turn green. If done correctly, you get a call and you have to go back to the metro station.

Location: Downtown, Subway Office

Solution: RE 01 – FA 02 – RA 03 – SA 02 – FO 01

Resident Evil 3 Remake – Vaccine synthesis laboratory puzzle solution (Nest 2)

This puzzle is found in theNEST 2 area. To synthesize a vaccine you have to solve a riddle. First, find the liquid-filled test tube (incubation laboratory) and the culture sample (laboratory 1). Combine the two to create the vaccine base. Then insert it into the synthesizer machine. There will be 3 panels.

From left to right it is necessary to modify them in this combination: Medium – High – Low. Then the finished vaccine will be synthesized. That’s all to solve this little puzzle.

Location: NEST 2 (Lab Area)

Solution: medium – high – low (from left to right)

Resident Evil 3 Remake Solutions to all puzzles

This guide shows how to solve all the puzzles in RE3 Remake.

There are only 3 puzzles in the game; the first is optional, the other two are tied to the plot and required to advance the game. If you get stuck with any riddle, this video should resolve the situation.

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