Tips For Playing Mobile Legends For Beginners

A complete guide to playing Mobile Legends for beginners so that the game is good and can beat opponents easily. The Mobile Legends game is the right game to fill spare time and get rid of boredom, because this game will not be difficult to play if you already understand some rules and some tips on playing tricks.

Tips for Playing Mobile Legends for Beginners
Tips for Playing Mobile Legends for Beginners

Even for beginners, it will be easy to become a winner if you really learn and hone your skills. The course of the game in one game is quite short, you can hone your concentration, learn strategy, learn teamwork, practice patience and many other things.

For those of you who are trying to play the Mobile Legends game for the first time, you can read this article thoroughly.

Because we try to make a summary in the form of a collection of tips and tricks for playing Mobile Legends games for beginners. It is hoped that new players can quickly enter the professional level in playing this MOBA game.

The first thing that is important to instill in new players to play the Mobile Legend game (* as well as any game) is about apositive mental attitude, the main thing is about being mature, not being selfish, calm, and not getting carried away. Because the essence of playing games is for entertainment, not to spoil themoodlet alone stress.

Learn to be kind, be patient when teammates make mistakes, not use harsh words, and learn to play professionally.

That way there will be good cooperation between team members in the game, and the game can be won easily. And even if you lose, you won’t feel disappointed or feel guilty because you did your best.

So that novice Mobile Legendsplayerslike you can immediately level up to a higher level, here are tips and tricks that can be used as reference materials to improve your skills and knowledge in playing Mobile Legends to the fullest.

Pay attention to the Internet connection

Many beginners do not pay attention to internet connection. Even though the main challenge in playing online strategy games is a stable internet network.

Before starting the game, it’s good to check the internet network that you will use to play the Mobile Legends game, be it a data packet internet network or a WI-FI network.

With a stable internet connection you will avoid lag, because sometimes when the frequency of lag occurs it can make you AFK (Away From Keyboard), of course this will make it difficult for friends in a team who are focused on playing.

Because leaving a game in progress is a bad enough action, it can even damage your reputation in playing the game. Bear in mind that!

Understand the Role and Character of Each Hero

The Mobile Legends game is a strategic game that requires teamwork. Each hero has its own role and character, if each hero is played to the maximum according to his capacity and role, then the team’s victory will be easily achieved.

Please note that the heroes in Mobile Legends are divided into 4 types, such as Carry, Tank, Support, and Jungler. Each hero has an important role to play in winning the game. The following is the explanation.

  • Carry, is a hero who has a role as adamage dealer, this hero needs help from asupporttype hero to help him eradicate his opponent quickly. The characteristic of carry is a marksmen or mage that focuses on great damage.
  • Tank, has a role as an initiator in the game, as well as a front line that has an important role in helping the carry face the opponent. The tank must also be ready to become the hero who receives the most damage in battle. The most important thing if you use a tank type hero is to be able to make the right decisions in the game.
  • Support, the main question of this type of hero is trying to keep the carry so that it can last longer in a battle. The role of support is very important, especially for intense battles. However, sometimes the role of support is not very popular and tends to be under rated, but don’t underestimate support!
  • Junglers, in contrast to other types of heroes, junglers rarely play on the lane, but play a lot in the forest. Players who use this type of hero must understand the map completely. But the jungler also did not rule out being able to act as an initiator in a gang or counter gank.

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First Master One Hero

After understanding the character of each hero, for those of you who are playing Mobile Legends for the first time, you should master one hero first. You have to choose a hero that is suitable and easy for you to master.

You can try out several heroes in a special mode to learn to play with the hero you choose. You can try playing in Custom Mode, which includes three additional modes, such as Match Up, Brawl, and Draft Pick. Now in Draft Pick mode you can try all the heroes for free, and choose the one that you want to master.

After mastering one hero, you can try other Mobile Legends heroes. Here are some heroes that are recommended for beginners, easy-to-learn hero categories.

  • Layla
  • Alucard
  • Tigreal
  • Eudora
  • Rafaela
  • Miya
  • Yun Zhao

Upgrade Emblem

By upgrading the emblemon Mobile Legends, you can increase the strength of the hero you will use. The higher the level of the emblem, of course this will affect the strength of the hero.

But you also don’t want to choose the wrong emblem. For example, if you use Tigreal, it will be useful if you use the Tank emblem, which of course is not formagicor physical.

Learn to Manage Item Build

After mastering how to play with one or more heroes, the next step is for you to learn to manage Build Items. You use any item in the game.

You can find the settings for build items on the Preparation> Gear menu.

But if you are confused about combining the build items that are suitable for the hero you will use, you will take the example of people who are already professionals playing Mobile Legends, you can go through YouTube or other streaming websites.

Or you can follow the selection of items for beginners below:

  • If you are using ahero role tank, then use the recommended item, the item durability. Then your hero that you use will last a long time to receive attacks.
  • If you use ahero role marksmanthat uses basic attacks like Layla’s, the recommended items are DPS, Burst. But if you use a clint hero who often uses skills, you can use DPS items, Durable.
  • If you use awarrior hero rolethat uses basic attacks like Zilong, the recommended item is Burst. As for warriors who often use skills like Alucard, they can also use Burst items.
  • If you usehero role magic, youcan choose Burst items. However, if you use a magic role hero like Rafaela, you can use Disable items and Team Buff.
  • If you use ahero role assassin magiclike Karina, you can use the Burst item. But if you use an assassin that uses physical damage like Hayabusa, then use the Burst item too.

Speed ​​up Hero Leveling

Another key to winning in a strategy game like Mobile Legends is the hero level, because when the hero level you use is higher than the opponent’s hero level, it will be easy to beat him.

Tips for leveling heroes are to finish off minions, forest monsters, use retribution spells, and buy Jungle items. Do it fast, to quickly excel your team in the game.

Last Hit Minion Practice

Still related to the previous point, practicinglast hitwill not only speed up the level of the hero you are using, but also can be very helpful to collect lots of gold.

By doinglast hitcontinuously, you will be superior in terms of economy and level. Of course this really affects your reputation during the game.

Dolast hitpractice with one hero continuously, until you get used to getting thelast hit.Later you will understand the level of damage, and the right items to make thelast hit.

Don’t Be Selfish Choosing a Hero

Usually players who are at the Warrior to Grand Master tier levels still use Mage and Marksman heroes every time. This is not wrong, but it will be better and will be very effective if one of the teams uses a Tank, Fighter or Assassin hero.

In essence, you have to be able to give in, choosing a hero who can complement and be able to support the hero chosen by other team members.

So there’s nothing wrong with mastering one hero, followed by mastering several types of heroes such as Carry, Tank, Support, and Jungler.

Learn to look at the mini map observant

Another important thing thatnewbieplayers must also pay attention to is carefulness to see the mini map, you have to look at the map often so you can see the opponent’s movements and can predict the strategy that the opposing team will use.

For example, many heroes from the opposing party suddenly disappear from the map, most likely the opponent will plan torankon theline, now you have to immediately anticipate it, you can give a signal or instruction to other team members to be more vigilant.

You also have to respond to information provided by other team members, for example they tell you that a hero has disappeared from their lane, or ismissing. That way you can continue to be vigilant to keep the game conducive.

In viewing themini map, you must be observant of the following things:

  • Estimating enemy presence
  • Attack on God
  • Attack on Turtle
  • Be sensitive to friends who need rocks
  • Must be able to determine when to attack and defend
  • etc

Focus on destroying the opponent’s tower

Generally what happens to new Mobile Legends players is to prioritize eliminating as many opponents as possible, compared to destroying towers.

It is necessary to know that the faster you destroy the tower, then it is likely that the victory will be achieved by the team the faster. For that you must have the initiative to destroy as many towers as possible when your opponent is off guard.

Play with a team, don’t be alone!

These next tips are still related to the previous tips, to win the Mobile Legends game requires solid teamwork, therefore you have to try to play with a team, don’t play alone.

But it won’t be a problem if you play alone at the beginning of the game (early game). But when you enter the middle of the match (mid game) to the end of the game (late game), you must and must play as a team.

Because usually when the game has entered the late game, the opponent is getting stronger, and can carry out attacks together (ganking). If you play alone, it’s not impossible that you will be attacked and easily defeated by your opponent.

Always Playing Ranked

This is also no less important, many people think that beginner players are better off playing normal than playing ranked, for fear of their stars being reduced.

But this is wrong, if you want to quickly become a professional player, it’s better to play more ranked, because it will make you more motivated to learn a lot.

Playing in ranked mode will certainly be different from playing normally, you will be more motivated to play totally, giving all your abilities both in defense and attack.

Playing ranked will certainly make you one step closer to Epic. And even if you lose, you can take lessons from every defeat. So playing ranked is good to motivate yourself to be better at playing.

Often Watch Recordings or Streams

Watching battle recordings from players who are already professional, can make your knowledge increase, you can better know the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. You can also learn how other players make play strategies, build the right items for certain heroes and other things that you may never have thought of before.

You can access watchinglive streamingfrom the Mobile Legends game feature itself, it can be from YouTube, Facebook and other streaming websites,

Use Tickets to Buy Heroes

You need to know, that apart from Battle Points, Mobile Legend also has 2 other currencies, namely Diamon and Ticket. You can get diamonds by making purchases with money. As for the ticket, you can get it from the Moonton party (usually after maintenance).

The ticket itself is actually not of much use, apart from being able to play Lucky Spin which awards heroes and skins. But it is also possible to buy several heroes such as Rafaela, Clint, Franco, Gord, Akai, Miya, Tigreal, and Alucard.

However, it is not recommended to buy Tigreal and Rafaela using Ticket !, because the two heroes can be purchased easily with Battle Points. It is preferable that you use the Ticket to buy Akai, Miya, Alucard, and Gord.

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