Play Online Games Through Hamachi

Play Online Games: Today, there are dozens of different programs for organizing games online between two or more users. However, one of the most reliable and versatile (and it will suit most games that have the option of “network game”) – this is, of course, Hamachi.

Play Online Games through Hamachi

In this article, I would like to talk in detail about how to set up and play through Hamachi online with 2 or more players. So let’s start…


To download the program from the official site, you will need to register there. Since registration is currently a bit “confusing”, let’s start to understand it.

Registration in Hamachi

After you follow the link above and then click to download and test the trial version – you will be asked to register. You need to enter your email (necessarily working, otherwise, if you forget the password, it will be difficult to recover) and password.

After that, you will be in the “personal” account: in the “My Networks” section, select the “Expand Hamachi” link.

Then you can create a few links that can download the program not only to you but also to your friends with whom you plan to play (unless, of course, they do not already have the program installed). By the way, links can be sent to their email.

Installation of the program is quite fast and there are no difficult moments: you can just just click a few times …

How to Play Online Games through Hamachi

Before you can start an online game you need to:

  • Install the same game on 2 or more PCs;
  • Install Hamachi on the computers on which they will play;
  • Create and configure a shared network in Hamachi.

We will deal with all this …

One of the players must create a network to which the others can connect. To do this, simply click on the “Create a new network …” button. Then the program will ask you to enter the network name and password to access it.

Then other users click the “Connect to an existing network” button and enter the network name and password.

Warning!The password and network name are case sensitive. You need to enter exactly the data that was specified when creating this network.

If the data was entered correctly – the connection is smooth. By the way, when someone connects to your network.

Hamachi. There are 1 user in the network …

By the way, in Hamachi there is a pretty good chat, which helps to discuss certain “pre-game issues”.

And the last step …

All users in the same Hamachi network run the game. One of the players clicks “create a local game” (directly in the game), and the other something like “connect to the game” (preferably connect to the game by entering the IP address, if there is such an option).

Online game through Hamachi. On the left, player-1 creates a game, on the right, player-2 connects to the server, entering the IP address of player-1, which is lit in Hamachi.

If done correctly – the game will run in multi-user mode as if the computers are in one local network.

Summing up.

Hamachi is a universal program (as mentioned at the beginning of the article) as it allows you to play all games where there is a possibility of local play. At least in my experience, I have not come across a game that could not run with this utility. Yes, sometimes there are logs and brakes, but it depends more on the speed and quality of your connection.

* – by the way, I raised the issue of Internet quality in an article about ping and brakes in games:

There are, of course, alternative programs, such as: GameRanger (supports hundreds of games, a large number of players), Tungle, GameArcade.

And yet, when the above utilities refuse to work – only “Hamachi” comes to the rescue. By the way, it allows you to play even when you do not have a so-called “white” IP address (which is sometimes unacceptable, for example, in earlier versions of GameRanger.

Thus you can play online games through Hamachi. If you have any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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