How To Play World Of Warcraft Free

WoW is made possible with the World of Warcraft monetization guide that we have prepared for free play. Inthis article, where we will try to answer the question ofhow to play World of Warcraft free,we will tell you how you can play World of Warcraft without paying a monthly membership fee.

How to Play World of Warcraft Free
How to Play World of Warcraft Free

How to Play World of Warcraft Free

Our WoW free playguide also includes current content that comes with the latestWorld of Warcraftexpansion packWorld of Warcraft: Legion.

As it is known, World of Warcraft has set the standards of the MMORPG world, it is still a game that has millions of players and offers us the highest quality MMORPG content even though it has been 12 years since its output.

The bad thing about World of Warcraft in the past was that we could play this MMORPG without paying a monthly membership fee. To be able to play World of Warcraft, you first purchased the game and expansion packs and paid a subscription fee every month.

However, now that the system calledWoW Tokenis available, we can only purchase World of Warcraft and expansion packs, and then we avoid getting paid monthly membership fees through the WoW Token system. In this article, we will answer the question ”What is Wow Token“.

What is WoW Token?

WoW Token is basically a system that allows you to convert the gold you earn in the game to game time. You can buy WoW Token from Auction House auction houses using a certain amount of gold you earn in the game.

While browsing Auction House, you can click on the “Game Time” title in the lower left corner and see the WoW Token price. This price changes from time to time; but there are not very big plays.

The price of WoW Token looks quite high at first glance. However, you can easily earn this amount and even more gold in the game. Here in this article we share with you theWorld of Warcraft monetizationguide specific to the Legion expansion pack, which explains how to do this work .

In World of Warcraft, you don’t need to play the game all day to earn this amount of money. Even if you are someone who plays World of Warcraft after work or after school, you can do this job. It is a logical choice to divide this goal by the number of days you will play by setting yourself a monthly gold amount goal.

For example, if the price of WoW Token in the game is 70,000 gold and you will play the game for 20 days, you need to earn around 3,500 gold per day.

World of Warcraft Monetization Guide

We have many different alternatives to make money in World of Warcraft Legion. By combining these ways of making money, we can collect the gold needed to buy WoW Tokens and even more. Let’s take a look at these ways if you wish:

Level Up

After starting World of Warcraft: Legion, it takes a few days to reach the highest level in the game, 110. In this process, you earn around 10,000 gold. You can earn extra gold by entering the dungeons in this process that is not very troublesome.

World Quest and Class Quests

Once the leveling process is over, the quests called Class Quest are unlocked for your hero class. The purpose of doing these tasks is to win the helpers called followers that we can send to special tasks. Using the task control desk in Class Hall, you can send your assistants to tasks that give gold. As you improve your assistants and Class Hall, the amount of gold you earn from missions increases:

As you can see, you can earn 750 gold from a single mission and 1500 gold with a bonus. This amount covers a large part of your daily gold target.

You can download the official World of Warcraft mobile app called WoW Legion Companion to your smartphone to track the tasks you send your assistants from Class Hall and send your idle helpers to new tasks, even if you are not at the computer.

Since the tasks you send your assistants are long-term tasks, you may want to start them at work or school. Download the WoW Legion Companion app using this link and start using the app by logging in with your account:

One of the most important ways you can apply to earn gold in World of Warcraft is world missions spread across the Legion map called World Quest.

These missions may not earn us as much gold as the ones we sent our assistants in Class Hall; but the fact that they are numerous and can be completed easily closes the difference. Also, World Quests in dungeons earn around 600-700 gold.

In order to open World Quests, you have to complete the special chain of tasks you will receive from Dalaran. This process is not a very difficult process.

As you can see in the picture above, there are World Quests that give around 150 gold and take a short time (sometimes only 1-2 minutes) to complete. These tasks are renewed every day, so you can earn money every day. When you make 10-20 World Quests a day, you can enter 1000-2000 gold in your pocket.

The area marked in the section below refers to Emissary Quests. This system gives us the opportunity to earn bonuses when we complete 4 missions of one of the races or parties named World Quest, which gives us World Quest.

In these bonuses, we have the opportunity to earn a large amount of gold. Sometimes we can earn from Order Resources, the source that allows us to send our followers from Class Hall to tasks. So don’t miss the missions called Emissary Quest.

Another advantage of World Quests and Emissary Quests is that they allow us to gain reputation for the relevant faction. We will also explain how you can turn reputation into gold in the next section of our article.

Keep You Warm with Court of Farondis

Court of Farondis is one of the factions in the game. Complete this faction-specific story chain as you level up. When you open World Quests, give priority to the World Quests given by this faction; because when your reputation level reaches the revered level, you can buy a special shoulder enchantment.

The marked area in the picture above shows the location of the Court of Farondis representative who sold this enchante. The enchant you get is this:

This enchant basically makes bonus jewelry bags drop from the enemies you cut from time to time. Blue, rare quality jewelery coming out of these bags can be sold at Auction House at a high price:

Even a single jewel can meet your goal of earning daily gold. When you are doing World Quests or cleaning dungeons, you come across these jewelery bags. It is not difficult to sell these jewels on Auction House.

Don’t neglect to clean old raids

The raids we have visited in previous World of Warcraft expansion packs can be a good source of gold. We have the opportunity to clear these raids once a week. In particular, the raids of the Cataclysm expansion pack are a complete gold slot.

So much so that you can only collect one 1000 gold coins by clearing a raid. You can easily clear these raids alone. Cleaning at the Heroic difficulty level will grant you more gold.

Another nice aspect of cleaning old radians is that you can unlock new looks for your weapons and armor. You also have the opportunity to win special mounts in some raids.


We included the professions in the last part of our article; Because being a master in professions and getting to the last level is a bit expensive process. You may need to spend a lot of gold to improve your profession.

Even if you don’t have professions like Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, you can earn gold loaded with professions like Mining and Herbalism. Upgrading collection-based professions like Mining and Herbalism does not require you to spend gold, unlike other professions.

Another nice aspect of Mining and Herbalism is that it is possible to collect the mines and herbs that you encounter while doing World Quests. In this way, you do not spend additional time collecting grass and minerals.

If you already have high-level professions, it is likely that you can earn a lot of money. Potions made in Alchemy are sold under thousands of jewelery made in Jewelcrafting:

In addition to all these efforts, you can earn additional gold by doing PvP and completing dungeons. By following these paths, I was able to earn 2 times the gold required for WoW Token in the half of the month.

I do not have any profession in my hero, and besides, I spend a lot of time in PvP. In other words, I do not devote much time to World Quests and professions, which are the main sources of gold.

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