Professional Gaming 2021 | Your Guide to Competitiveness

So, you aspire to become a professional gamer? There is nothing to say you cannot become one of the best professional gamers and appear in the biggest tournaments – but thousands of other gamers share your dream.

Professional Gaming 2021 | Your Guide to Competitiveness
Professional Gaming 2021 | Your Guide to Competitiveness

Professional Gaming 2021 | Your Guide to Competitiveness

It’s going to take dedication, talent and an understanding of competitive gaming in 2021 to stand out and make it happen. The latter we can help you with. Read on to discover how professional gaming works right now and what you need to do to become a pro.

Is Professional Gaming a Full-Time Career?

Professional gaming can be a full-time career for individuals who are the most talented and determined. Thanks to eSports gaming, the latest niche of the gaming world pits professional gaming teams against each other on the main stage of an arena. The aesthetic of eSports gaming is now similar to an elite sporting event.

That’s why sports bookmakers like the Unibet site offer odds on professional gaming. Just like you might bet on your favourite sports team, you can now wager on professional gaming matches.

This drives money into the industry, along with streaming deals and arena tickets, which makes being a full-time gamer a lucrative career.

For example, the very top professionals collect life-changing prize funds. Jaden Ashman from the UK is a prime example. He scooped around one million dollars for his talent on Fortnite at just 15 years old.

How Do You Become a Recognised Pro Gamer?

There is no overarching body that decides who is and who isn’t a professional gamer. However, the general gaming community will agree that you are professional if you earn a living from gaming by playing in consecutive tournaments throughout the year. You might receive sponsorship deals too.

How Should I Get into Competitive Gaming?

Start by practising at home and joining community groups and teams that want to play and compete together. This is getting easier than ever because of the success of eSports.

Most schools and even universities now have a gaming team that will compete with other schools in the area. And if you can’t get into gaming this way, there are still ways to compete with others in online events.

Don’t start by trying to get rich from competitions. Start by gaining valuable competitive gaming experiences and learn from your mistakes.

Most gamers will give up at the earliest stages when they realise someone is better than them. That’s why you keep practising and learning!

Should I Stick with One Game?

You don’t see Kobe Bryant on the PGA tour or Lionel Messi racing Formula One in the summer. That’s because professionals work hard solely in their discipline and don’t waste time elsewhere – and this should be no different for aspiring professional gamers. Stick with one game that you enjoy the most and try to improve in that area.

Of course, you can still enjoy other games, but dedicate most of your time to one game for a better chance of professional gaming success.

How Can I Play in an eSports Tournament?

You can join eSports tournaments by paying a small fee (sometimes they are free). You’ll be matched up against other gamers of a similar ability, and any winners and high performers will be invited back to play in other tournaments.

And if you don’t become a professional gamer – don’t worry. You can still enjoy gaming with friends and find other careers in gaming and eSports. You might become a game developer, tester or work within the eSports scene another way!

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