Best ESport Sites: Play Electronic Games Competitively

Are you good at video games? Have you ever thought aboutparticipating in an eSport tournamentfor example the football game of EA Sport FIFA? The word eSport regarding games derives from English and means electronic sports or playing video games at an organized and professional competitive level.

Best eSport Sites: Play Electronic Games Competitively

If you are interested in the topic through this guide, I want to inform you which are thebest eSport sites and how and where to play electronic games at a competitive level.

ESport to the Olympics? Of course you must know thatthe IOC(International Olympic Committee)has also been interestedineSport,so much so that this term has become a trend. Even the Serie A League has announcedeSerie ATIM an official eSport championship of the top league of the Italian championship in which several teams participate to try to conquer the title of Champion.

The eSerie ATIM championship is played using a PlayStation 4 as an exclusive console and is based on the two main existing and best known football games in the world FIFA20andeFootball PES 2020.

The tournament is divided into two phases, the first being a direct elimination selection process and then a real championship divided into Groups, Play Offs and Finals.

But there are not only football esports games for example one of the most played video games in the worldLeague of Legendshas its tournament and so also the popularCall of Duty one of the absolute best-selling games every year in the international rankings, has its world championship.

You have to think that theCall of Duty World Leaguetournament is so gigantic that 160 teams participated just to get an idea. Not to mention the prizes that are often very profitable. The record is held by Valve’sDota2that in a 2017 event called The International there was a prize pool of over 24 million dollars thanks to crowdfunding.

Tobecome a professional gamer there are rules to follow. You have to be an expert player not in video games, but only on one in particular, in fact you have to choose right away which game to try your hand at in tournaments or rather which you are really brought to. So consider carefully if you are a phenomenon, for example, playing FIFA, or Call of Duty or StarCraft.

Another rule no less important than the first, thechoice of platform to play on.So before registering for tournaments well informed about which one usually plays the main one is thePC, but based on that choice you must also be equipped withperipherals to make eSports at a professional levelfor example mouse keyboards, pads, special headphones etc. You can take a look at this guide where you can find many tips on how to become a pro gamer.

The Best eSport Sites

If you are interested and seriously want to try your hand at professional video game tournaments, here are the best eSport sites where you can sign up and get all the information you can.

  • ITeSPA(Italian e-Sports Association), a non-profit cultural association based in Rome born in 2015 that deals with competitive video games in Italy.
  • GEC(Competitive Electronic Games), born in 2014 regulates and promotes e-Sport sports disciplines in Italy, GEC is recognized by the Italian institutions and has more than 50 affiliated associations.
  • ASI(Italian Social Sports Association) is a sports promotion body recognized by CONI that deals with eSport with a discipline dedicated to competitive electronic games.
  • Everyeye eSportwhere you can have lots of news, guides and insights on the world of Competitive Video Games.
  • EsportsMagthe Italian portal aimed exclusively at the world of video games and eSports.
  • Esports Insideris an events and media company and a daily source of eSport news and business views.
  • eSports Activityoriented to all experts and fans of electronic games, video games on the site you will find news and exclusives on eSports, tournaments and eSports events all over the world.
  • Esports Italyan all-Italian site with educational and informative purposes dedicated to a very common sport discipline in the USA, that of electronic sports.
  • eSports Gazzettaalso the most important pink sports newspaper in Italy, dedicates an entire section of its official website to electronic sports.
  • Powneddedicated to the world of video games and new electronic competitive activities such as eSports.
  • The Games Machine eSportsthe historical magazine dedicated to video games dedicates on its website a section dedicated to the eSport world to be informed about all the news.

In conclusion

If you are reading this paragraph then it means that you have found this guide how to work from home with the PC interesting. If you have any questions, comment us in the comment box.

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