PUBG 9.1 Update Released | New Map Paramo

The new PUBG 9.1 update came with the Paramo map, ranked game changes, Survivor Pass, bug fixes, and the new season. With the PUBG 8.1 update, the Sanhok map was completely overhauled while the new loot truck was coming. After about three months, the PUBG 9.1 update is available for download and a new season has begun. The Steam update is 6.3 GB in size.

PUBG 9.1 Update Released | New Map Paramo
PUBG 9.1 Update Released | New Map Paramo

PUBG 9.1 Update Released | New Map Paramo

One of the major changes is the map Paramo, which is the 6th map offered to the players. In addition, the ranked mode solo option has now been added and anyone can start fighting as a solo.

In addition, the 9th season has started and, as expected, a new Survivor Pass has arrived. Also, if you purchase the Pass, you can earn G-Coin by completing the missions and the next Survivor Pass can become free. In the meantime, let’s say that Survivor Pass: Highlands will last for 2 months.

You can check out the details of the different changes, such as UI enhancements, bug fixes, and weapon balancing, right below.

New Map: Paramo

After Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Karakin, Paramo joined the PUBG maps. The dynamic 3 × 3 km map takes place in the mountainous regions of South America.

Paramo Map Details

  • 3 × 3 km playable area.
  • 64 player capacity.
  • TPP squads only.
  • There is no red area.
  • The blue zone is slowly shrinking but deals more damage than other maps even in the early stages of the match.
  • The motorcycle is the only vehicle found in Paramo and will often be found near small villages.

Paramo: New Features

  • Important locations and parts of the terrain are repositioned with each new match.
  • Players must adapt to changes and use appropriate strategies and tactics.
  • The lava flow leaking from active volcanoes in Paramo can pose a danger while navigating the map.
  • Stepping in lava can quickly kill players; lava deals 10 damage per second, and the damage deals every half second.
  • Riding a motorcycle through the lava will destroy your tires, start destroying the vehicle quickly, and will also damage the player.
  • Unlike other maps, players can go beyond the boundaries of the playable area and a warning will appear on the screen. If you do not quickly return to the playable area, you will start taking damage.
  • New item boxes can now appear in certain houses.
  • Destroy boxes to find multiple loot items such as ammo, throwables, and healing items.
  • Due to its remote location and high altitude, players will jump from helicopters to the Paramo battlefield.
  • During the match, these helicopters carry cargo across the map with a plan to drop their precious cargo just outside the playing area. If you fire enough bullets into a helicopter, you can force it to release cargo early.
  • Paramo has several special, mountainous terrain-themed Relief Packs not found on other maps, including new full body camouflage suits, camouflage suit and backpack.
  • With the animation kit in your inventory, you can revive a fallen team member in just one second.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode has become more suitable for solo play with the inclusion of the Solo row. You will now be able to compete against other solo players in Ranked Battlefields as you rise through their competitive levels.

Season 9

The new ranked season has started. Ranked mod rewards earned from Season 8 will be added to your account when you log in.

  • Player ratings have been reset.
  • After 5 placement matches, players will be given their first rank.
  • RP has been slightly reset, so your first Season 9 placement will be affected by your Season 8 rank.
  • The leaderboard has been reset.
  • Final player rankings and regional Top 500 leaderboards will be finalized after main server maintenance is complete to ensure all matches are counted.
  • View your Season 8 stats and the Top 500 leaderboards for each region under Careers> Statistics.

Ranked Mode Update

Ranked Solo

  • Ranked Fashion solo matches have been added.
  • These matches will have the same competitive qualities as Ranked Squad matches.
  • 64 players.
  • No Red Zone.
  • More loot.
  • For Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok map only.

Ranked Leaderboard Changes

The minimum rating level for the regional mods below has been lowered and the requirement level has been changed from Diamond 2 to Gold 4 to appear on the leaderboard.

  • Europe
  • TPP Solo & Squads
  • Russia
  • TPP Solo & Squads
  • FPP Solo & Squads
  • North America
  • FPP Solo & Squads
  • South America
  • FPP Solo & Squad
  • TPP Squads

This change was made to ensure that a sufficient percentage of each region’s player base is displayed in the leaderboards.

Ranked Mode Ruleset Update

  • Algorithm update.
  • Points earned per kill and assist are increased by 50%.
  • Sanhok Blue area arrangement.
  • Compared to other maps, the number of players who died in stage 2 is very high.
  • Some Blue Zone changes have been made to improve the overall pace of Sanhok matches.
  • The size and cooldown of the stage have been increased.
  • The dynamic Blue Zone mechanic, which scales circle speeds based on the number of live players, has been removed.
  • Additionally, these changes are for Sanhok Ranked matches only.
  • Increased TT / SNT Magazine spawns.
  • 4x, 6x and 8x spawns have been increased.
  • Auxiliary View spawns have been increased.
  • The 2x and 3x spawn rates have been slightly reduced.
  • Pistol / HMS Magazine spawns have been reduced.
  • Pistol spawns have been reduced with 9mm and 45ACP ammo.
  • A vehicle will now always appear in the Esports vehicle spawn locations.
  • MG3 has been added to Help Packs on all Ranked maps.

Regional Match Changes

This change in regional matchmaking brings ranked fashion solo.

When players choose a game mode for normal or ranked, they will find that the available options will differ. Changes will include the addition of a standalone ranked option, but depending on the region, they may see different combinations of options in terms of team size, perspective, and ranked / regular matches.

Available game modes for regions:


  • Random Map Selection
  • TPP: Solo, Squad
  • FPP: Solo, Duo, Squad, Solo Rank, Squad Rank


  • Random Map Selection
  • TPP: Solo, Squad, Squad Rank
  • FPP: Solo, Duo, Squad, Solo Rank, Squad Rank

Weapon Balance Update

After the weapon balances implemented in 7.2, there were lots of feedback from players for Beryl and SLR. Balancing is provided for Beryl and SLR with 9.1. Also, weapons balances will continue in future updates.

Beryl M762

  • Base damage decreased: 46 → 44.
  • Vertical recoil increased by 5% during early spraying.
  • Horizontal recoil increased by 5% during early spraying.
  • The minimum horizontal recoil has been slightly increased.


  • Base damage reduced: 58 → 56.
  • Recoil increased by 5% during ADS.
  • Shell loss density has been increased by 15% based on distance.


G-Coin has been added to PUBG. G-Coin will function as a new currency for PUBG purchases previously used for Steam Wallet.

Survivor Pass: Highlands

Survivor Pass: Highlands comes with the clothes you need to discover the mysteries of Paramo. Unlike previous passes, Highlands will be active for a shorter period of 2 months but is easier to complete as only level 50 is required to claim all their rewards.

  • Survivor Pass: Highlands is available for 990 G-Coin or $ 9.99.
  • You can earn 1,000 G-Coins by collecting Survivor Pass rewards. This way the Pass will be free!
  • Unlike the previous seasons, Survivor Pass 9 is 2 months old and there are 50 levels in total.

Game Experience Quality improvements


  • Mission XPs will now be received automatically when the mission is completed.
  • When a task is completed, the MISSION COMPLETED animation will appear when you first return to pass.

Pass Award and XP Visibility

  • When you return to the lobby after a match, you will immediately see the animation of filling the Survivor Pass bar of XP earned.
  • Eligible prizes are animated and highlighted to better indicate which prizes are ready to be redeemed.
  • Daily, Weekly and Challenges can now be viewed in the lobby without having to dive into the pass page.

Preview Improvements

  • You can now preview multiple items in your character at the same time while on the Survivor Pass page.
  • You can now preview the emotes while wearing the cosmetics you want to preview.

Weekly Missions

  • All players can now challenge weekly missions.
  • There are 7-week missions in total.
  • Weekly missions are now grouped by difficulty and are awarded XP based on how hard they are.


  • Added character animation preload to increase performance.
  • This will result in a shorter load time when entering matches and a slight reduction in freezing situations.
  • Although the game now loads character animations when first launching PUBG, there will be a slight increase in loading time when first launched.
  • Selectable resolution in Full Screen Borderless Mode.
  • Now you can choose your resolution when using Fullscreen Borderless mode, and your rendering scale will automatically adjust to match the selected resolution.

Interface / User Experience

New Feature: News Page

To the client; A new News page has been added with useful information about game content, promotions, maintenance and community messages.

  • The news page replaces the scrolling banners that were previously in the upper left corner of the lobby.
  • The Update Notes icon in the upper right corner of the lobby now opens the News page, including the update notes.

Lobby Menu Improvements

  • The visuals and navigation feature of the menu have been improved.
  • ESC shortcuts have been added to the navigation menu.
  • ESC will take you back to the last PLAY menu.
  • While in the PLAY menu, ESC will open the System Menu.

In-Game Shop Improvement

Besides the general navigation bar upgrades, the in-game shop has also been revamped for a better experience. Item sets are now displayed with unique key graphics instead of simple chest images.

Customization Tab Improved

The structure and layout of the customization menu has been renewed. Categories have been combined for faster and easier navigation.

  • General menu structure and layout improvement.
  • The category main menu has been deleted for faster access.
  • Large number of categories (eg vehicles) made easy.
  • The number of items displayed on the screen has been increased.
  • Search tools have been improved.
  • The most recently acquired items will now be filtered at the top.
  • Search filters have been applied to more categories.
  • Added toggle option to show or hide facial accessories when accessing view category.

Player Status in the Group

It was difficult to discern whether a group member was disconnected or still in a match, and now the notification displayed right above the characters has been added to share more clear information about their status.

New UI and text have been added to indicate the current status of the player.

Other User Interface Updates

  • The new emote volume control bar has been added in Settings> Sound> Gameplay.
  • You will now be able to adjust emote sounds independent of the game sound.
  • Karakin map image used in match history section has been updated
  • The user interface in Spectator Mode has been optimized to provide clearer visibility.


  • Baseball-themed items – 9 set items, 16 single items. (October 21)
  • Dog-themed items – 7 set items, 21 individual items. (November 4)
  • Publisher (Thomas) set – 1 set item, 3 single item. (October 21)

Replay System has been updated, previous files are no longer available.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug in shortening the reload time by canceling the reload animation on M249


  • Player damage showing differently in match history and match report has been fixed.
  • The system message error when spending too much time in an area such as the lobby or the customization screen has been fixed.
  • Typing error fixed in training mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the music muting action was not applied.


  • The animation error in the character appearance when wearing other cosmetics with the Madsy belt has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where another item was displayed when looking at Jockey boots on a male character.


  • Fixed an issue where the player’s number displayed differently from the watch list.
  • Fixed an issue where the M16’s sight was blocking the ADS view of players when wearing scopes.
  • Fixed an issue where the right mouse button of an observer was disabled when using the Hide UI function.
  • Fixed an issue where players trying to exit the match after watching the killer received incorrect penalty pop-ups.

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