PUBG Mobile | Tips And Tricks To Help You Stay Alive

Every video gamer might know PUBG or Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds. It is now available on mobile through Android and iOS after PC and Xbox One.

PUBG Mobile | Tips And Tricks To Help You Stay Alive
PUBG Mobile | Tips And Tricks To Help You Stay Alive

PUBG Mobile | Tips And Tricks To Help You Stay Alive

game has a simple concept, but the execution is challenging. You need to understand the particulars like a drop to learn how to grab the best loot and use it.

Map knowledge, guns, and strategies are essential to understand before diving into the game. PUBG is tricky and requires making quick decisions and staying alive for a longer time on the battlefield.

So, here are PUBG mobile tips and tricks to help you stay alive.

Choose landing spot carefully

A PUBG game can last as long as half an hour, while it can end in a few seconds if you misjudge your initial landing spot. Try to aim for the best loot spots on the map while avoiding as many players as possible.

The areas on the map spawn the best armor and weapons like a power plant, military base, and significant towns. While jumping out of the cargo plane, try to watch groups of players going to a location and avoid going there.

Prioritize loot

After hitting the floor, your priority should be to loot scattered in buildings. The crate drops contain the most-wanted weapons like the powerful AWM sniper rifle. However, you have to remember that you are not the only one looking for loot.

The important loot initially in PUBG are half-decent weapons and armor. Health items are also crucial. First aid kits are preferable, but painkillers and bandages will also help.

Familiarize with your map

It is important to learn weapon and item spawns in the PUBG mobile map to maximize the chances of winning. It will influence your landing spot but let you know where to move as the match continues.

Knowing your map is essential as snow map Vikendi is a new addition. Here, the map features extras like snowmobiles.

You will learn the best hiding spots while playing, but you can learn faster by limiting the maps by unselecting them before the match starts.

Shoot in range

Do not shoot when you are not in range. Deciding when to hide and attack is tricky, but you should not open fire unless you are sure of hitting the target. Having experience with PvP shooters will give you an understanding of the target range.

Shotguns and SMGs are helpful in up-close burst damage, while assault rifles are ideal for mid-range fights. You can use sniper rifles for long-distance potshots.

You can refer to and take the help of the best cheats and hacks for playing PUBG. These will enhance your gameplay experience and possibly survive until the end.


PUBG can be more challenging if you are alone, wandering, and waiting for a chance to strike. It is safer to attack in numbers than splitting up in PUBG. So, communicate with your teammates timely.

PUBG mobile supports native voice chat with your device’s microphone and speakers. You have an option to choose your language so that you can communicate effectively with your squad.

Do not run in open

Hiding is a valuable tactic in PUBG mobile as the goal is to survive until the end. You will make way for a safe zone to stay alive as the map shrinks. But try never to run in the open unless you have no choice.

If you have to run out in the open, make sure you do it as quickly as possible. Plan your run towards the safe zone a little more carefully while being in cover most of the time.

Win additional rewards

PUBG mobile update features a Royale Pass with multiple rewards to unlock as you move further in the game. The Royale Pass’s basic version is free, while the Elite Royale Pass is similar to PUBG’s premium currency, UC.

Another is Elite Pass Plus, which grants 25 ranks and a few goodies. You can earn experience and BP cards for gaining rewards faster and bonuses.


You will keep learning and updating your knowledge as you play PUBG mobile. It is a fun-filled game with exciting features taking you into a new gaming world. The above tips will help you survive in PUBG mobile and win the game!

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