How to Record Android Phone Screen

Record Android Phone Screen: Learn to record your mobile screen natively, without using an app. Also learn how to record videos on older versions of the Android system. The cell phone screen recording feature is a very useful and native tool for those who have a cell phone with the Androidoperating system from 11.

How to Record Android Phone Screen
How to Record Android Phone Screen

How to Record Android Phone Screen

In addition to ensuring a series of advantages at your disposal with the latest updates, from commands by voice improved to performance improvements, the user has at hand one more complement on your smartphone that meets your needs even more.

In fact, this tool was already present in previous versions of Android onSamsung devices. If you don’t know or haven’t tried this mechanism on your device – whether by Samsung or another company – you can check out a super simple and complete step-by-step guide below to take advantage of it from today.

How to find out if your Android has a native screen recorder

Before recording the screen of your device without an application, the first step is to check if your mobile phone actually contains the mechanism. For this:

1. Access your device’s notifications bar by swiping down twice.
2. Look for the icon ”Screen Recording

If you don’t find it, your phone probably doesn’t have the latest version of the operating system downloaded and updated. To make sure of this, you should check your device settings:

1. Open the “Config.” from your smartphone.
2. Slide to the “System” tab.
3. Click “Advanced” and then “System Update”.

That way, you’ll be able to check which version of Android your phone supports at the moment. However, on some phones, this action is a little different. This is precisely because of the design and location of information in different versions of the operating system.

If your cell phone doesn’t haveAndroid 11, most likely the way to check this issue is the one we’ve just detailed. If your phone is up to date with the latest version, please follow these steps to confirm your phone version:

1. Open the “Config.” from your smartphone.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “About phone”. There, the main information of the device is gathered.
3. Click “Software Information” and check your Android version.

How to record screen on Android natively

This screen recording step works only for those phones that have versions of Android 11 onwards. We will have other alternatives further on if this is not your case. If your device fits, check out the step-by-step use of this tool:

1. Swipe down twice to open the control panel with its main tools. Click on “Screen Recorder”.
Note: Itmay not appear in the first quadrant of functions. In this case, swipe until you find it. If it’s not there, click “+” and drag the screen recording feature to the quick settings.

2. There is the option to choose your video resolution before starting it. To do this,click on the name “Screen Recorder”and not on the tool icon. The available choices are:1080p, 720p and 480p.

3. After opening it, you will be notified if you want to use image and audio while using the app, just once or never.Choose one of the first two options.

4. A tab for the sound you want to capture will open.Select the setting you prefer: mute, with sounds from captured media, or with sounds from media and microphone.

5.Start recording. Then a three-second timer will appear. It is possible to ignore it. During recording, you can use the widget available in the upper right corner to draw, write or even use your front camera to appear in the recording. It is also possible to pause the logging and resume it.

6.When you decide to quit, you can choose two actions: touch the frame that is in the widget or drag down once and click on the red notification to stop recording. Either way, the capture automatically saves.

7. To access registered content, access your galleryor the “Photos ” application, depending on your usage preference. It will be available for editing, sharing and uploading in the “Screen Recordings” folder

How to record your mobile screen with third-party apps and with more features

If your phone doesn’t have a newer version of Android, don’t worry. It is possible to record the screen through third-party applications.

Some even offer a variety of extra features to meet the needs of each user. All of the following apps arefreeand can be downloaded from theGoogle Play Store.

Screen Recorder

TheScreen Recorderis an extremely simple and intuitive application as well. What you need to do is configure it minimally to use it right away by clicking the blue button. You can take screenshots and use the front or front camera while recording.


AZ Recorder

Another super-practical option to use is theAZ Recorder. Its great advantage is that it offers the ability to pause a recording and resume it without having to restart it.

Other interesting items includetime-lapse(the famous “fast camera”), audio recording and checking the FPS rate of the record.


Mobizen screen recorder

Our last tip is theMobizenscreenrecorder. Essential for those looking for practicality, as the application has a very simple interface.

When recording the screen, with the possibility of using your camera if you wish, you can also edit the recording with basic tools available to the user.


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