How To Reset Your Nintendo Switch Or Switch Lite?

Do you want to restore your Switch as it was on the first day of its purchase ? To resell it, lend it or simply give it a second life? Here is how you will take to reset your handheld, whether the Switch or Switch Lite.

How to Reset Your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite?
How to Reset Your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite?

You may want to resell yourSwitch, which remains one of Nintendo’s most daring projects today . Or you want to lend it to a friend without having access Bachelor to your data from games and personal information.

How to Reset Your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite?

You can obviously try to erase one by one all the data that you have stored on your console, but there is much simpler, and above all faster. You just need to reset it completely, as you would with your smartphone or computer.

Above all, keep in mind that you will lose all the data saved on the console, except those stored on the microSD card. To reset your console , two ways are possible. Both methods are valid at the time for the switch and the switch lite, the little sister of the latter . Here are the steps to follow.

Reset its Switch – 1stmethod

  1. To start resetting the Nintendo Switch , your switch must be off . For this , you must keep the power button , until the message Options power appears on the screen of the console. Select it.
  2. On the screen, then press the Power off option. A Once your Nintendo Switch off , he simply supported r on the button of power sup n while maintaining the two volume buttons.
  3. Once recovery mode appears , release the three buttons on the console and press on Ré initialiser console.
  4. Select the Continue function to finalize the task.

Reset the Switch – 2nd method

  1. See you on the screen ‘ ac cue it to the console and irigez you in the settings of Switch
  2. Scroll down and select the console function.
  3. Go to Reset options.
  4. Sélectionner the function Reset the console
  5. A text is then displayed. After taking cognizance of it , press on Suite
  6. You just have to validate the reset

Thus, you can Reset Your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. If you feel any problem, comment us. We will help you.

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