19 Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips I Know Before Started Playing

Sharpen your knife and get ready to kick some ass. The Resident Evil 4remake is a total and impeccable update of one of the most influential video games of the new millennium.

19 Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips I Wish I knew Before I Started Playing

19 Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips I Know Before Started Playing

And it doesn’t matter if you know the original by heart or come from new: it’s time to adapt to this new trip to the very peculiar deep Spain imagined by Capcom. The good news is that we are going to help you adapt. The even better news is that you’regoing to have a blast in the process.

If you are fried for hitting the New Game button, you are in luck: atVidaExtrawe have prepared a very simple review based on everything we learned during our analysis. Breaking down the essentials, the not so visible and what should be taken into account.

Assuming, logically, that you put on Leon’s jacket with the intention of carrying out a desperate rescue while turningthe town and the castle upside downin which a mysterious cult is rendered.

Without further ado, here are19 Resident Evil 4 Remake tipsI wish I knew before I started playing.

It adjusts the image very well, in the long run you will appreciate it

Beyond the more than obvious visual leap in this installment, courtesy of the ReEngine, the new setting achieved is one of the elements that define the success of the remake.

This takes a special boost indoors, caves or at night, and if you don’t have the image well adjusted, your gaming experience can be greatly affected.

Of course, Capcom not only allows us to adjust it on the fly, but also gives us different options as soon as we immerse ourselves in the game.

However, and this is not indicated by the game, there is a set of additional settings from the accessibility tab that you will surely be interested in exploring, such as the opacity of the interface or options related to the peephole and subtitles.

As an additional detail, in the remake we can activate or deactivate raytracing both in Performance mode and in Resolution. This is essential, since if we bet on the first on PS5 it is disabled by default, so there are numerous graphical options, even on consoles, that benefit the game’s performance.

Don’t get bogged down with difficulty – jump from one to the next without compromise

As with the 2005 game,Resident Evil 4remake is not an overly complicated game. Here, in addition, there are interesting facilities. In fact, it offers you three levels of difficulty, with only the most advanced being recommended for those who have played the original.

For reference, this affects the ease of obtaining money and ammo, as well as an auto-aim system that you can activate manually whenever you want.

In addition to the above, it is worth remembering that if you are eliminated frequently, in the classic End of Game screen you canchange the difficulty from Standard to Assisted.

Learn to maximize the damage of each shot

The ability to turn aim assist on or off is always close at hand, but you may be short on ammo. The obvious solution is to carry loads of bullets with you, it would take more, but there is a more effective resource: maximize the damage caused.

Because unless they are large-caliber pistols, even if you shoot your enemy in the forehead, it can activate as if you tickled him.

The first thing you have to take into account is the crosshair, the mark that shows where you are aiming.

If you shoot when it’s scattered you’ll do more or less normal or light damage, but if it’s closed you’ll not only increase the chance to get critical damage, but you’ll stun smaller enemies. Something essential, since you can take advantage of it to give it a roundhouse kick and clear the area a bit.

On the other hand, if you are more of shooting using the scope, keep in mind that you are still interested in adjusting from the options that the last set distance is maintained instead of restarting after looking away. Not only in order to carry out a distant offensive, but for when it is time to reload ammunition and the enemies on duty come directly towards you.

Finally, and despite the fact that Resident Evil 4Remake makes spectacular use of DualSense, you can disable the adaptive triggers function from the game itself if it breaks the shooting experience. Nothing to go through the options.

Your knife will be the master key to survival: take care of it and improve it to the maximum

Leon’s knife has gained full prominence in the remake: not only can you use it as a last resort when you’re low on bullets, but youcan deflect almost anything with it using a button. From ax blows to projectiles, going through the strains of transformed cattle. Offering a very valuable moment of exposure to the enemy that can decide the game.

With everything, and to balance this resource, Capcom has arrangeda duration system for our knife: with each cut, block and effective use (if you use it against the wall, nothing happens) we will see in the interface how it wears down until it breaks. So we still want to take a melee attack instead of finishing to have the option to block a little later.

And what happens when the knife breaks?Well, throughout the game we will find other similar weapons, including kitchen knives, but the peddler will be happy to charge us for fixing it.

Given this, it is best to invest our money from the beginning in improving its durability and damage so that fewer cuts are necessary and we can use it for longer.

Let’s talk about Stealth

Although the intelligence of the enemies more or less remains faithful toResident Evil 4of 2005, they have gained very successful nuances. To balance that balance, improvements have been made to the gameplay, new combat and blocking mechanics (we’ll get to those later), and Leon has been given a new path of action: stealth.

Be careful, it is about stealth and not about infiltration. In theResident Evil 4 remake, it is possible to crouch, which will not make us undetectable but it will make it more difficult to find. This initiative is supported by a level design in which slow play is favored and surprise auction options are opened and ways to less violently reduce the number of enemies to face.

In addition to the above, theResident Evil 4Remake also gives new resources that are quieter or that allow us to benefit from the surprise factor, although as we will see, we will also run into enemies that are not as clueless as we thought.

Don’t even think about playing with the sound turned off

Behind you stupid!Capcom has been concerned that the leap in quality is not only playable and visual but also reaches the sound section. In fact, the sounds will not only reveal the position of the enemies but also help us when it comes to locating ourselves, understanding the attack routines or understanding what is happening without sticking our heads out.

Needless to say, even if we’re in a hurry, the sounds themselves will save us some trouble: scattered throughout the game we’ll find different plastic explosives as a trap, which emit a very distinctive light beep. If you notice it, stop dead and take a good look at the area.

As an alternative, and also from accessibility, it is possible to adjust the volume of the effects.And if you have the original Resident Evil 4soundtrack at your disposal, you can activate it from the extras.

A very curious element in this regard is how the Resident Evil 4 remake also takes advantage of DualSense to offer sounds from it. What’s more, every time we communicate remotely, we will receive audio through it.

As soon as you run into the peddler, buy the treasure map

The appearance of the peddler inResident Evil 4is always a reason for joy. You can upgrade what you carry, convert treasures into cash, and brand new weapons. That hasn’t changed at all, but now there’s also a new tab dedicated to extras. Our first acquisition:the Treasure maps.

The items offered from the extra tab are not bought with money, but with spinels, which are no longer the typical jewel exchangeable for money and become a specific currency for the peddler’s special items.

The fastest way to obtain them is through commissions (we’ll see about them later) but if our first purchase is the map, we won’t take long to pay it off.

The idea is simple: beyond showing us the town or the castle, all the treasures, collectibles or the blue medallions are perfectly indicated. Although if you want to preserve the mystery and go around until you find everything you can save the expense.

All in all, if you opted for the Deluxe edition ofResident Evil 4remake or you buy the additional lot (valued at about 20 euros) you have the extra treasure map, which adds and signals even more secrets to the game. Which, on the other hand, means more money to trade with the peddler.

How briefcases and the typewriter can condition your entire gaming experience

One of the elements most related to this installment ofResident Evil is the new use of inventory and the save system. From the start, you no longer need ink to be able to keep your progress but carrying a lot of things with you can be a very serious problem. Especially when the vast majority are really cool weapons.

From the outset, in the Resident Evil 4 remake it is not only possible to expand the available space of the briefcases, following what has already been seen, but the color of the briefcases also has different effects. For example, the black briefcase allows you to create more ammunition with the same resources. And yes, once you purchase the expansion it applies to all briefcases.

The second is that typewriters are not only used to save the game, but also as storage, so that you can deposit everything you have in your briefcase and no longer use.

From the found weapons that take up a huge space to their respective ammunition or those remains that you are not going to use at the moment, but that you do not want to get rid of.

In fact, neither keys nor treasures and gems take up space in your inventory. Although if we hunt snakes or fish we will have to find a place for them.

In this regard, a very simple solution, at least on consoles, is the possibility of organizing everything automatically with a button.

In the case of PS5 it is about R3 (by pressing the right stick) although there are different configurations in case you are not very inspired by playing Tetris in the Survival Horror style.

All enemies have a weakness: master it

One of the most famous tricks ofResident Evil 4of 2005 is how to kill Salazar instantly. If you haven’t played it, or you still don’t know it, it consists of attacking him only once with the rocket launcher (80,000 pesetas without a discount on the peddler) and we will have finished in record time. That being said, each and every enemy has its own weakness.

In the case of the plague, the parasites that sprout from the bodies of villagers and other living beings, it is light, so if we attack them with weapons that emit any type of light when shooting, we will do additional damage. As they say in Pokémon,it’s super effective!

In any case, you can also anticipate their actions simply by observing. If you shoot a villager in the hand while he’s holding an axe, he’ll be relatively unarmed. If he charges you with a four-pronged pitchfork he will be completely defenseless against a timely block with the knife.

From here, not only can you apply the possibilities that stealth gives you, but the smaller enemies have predictable behaviors so that if you manage to get them to attack you in single file, position yourself in a small space that they do not reach with weapons or explosives, you will be able to contain crowds without being exposed. At least while you have ammo left.

What are amulets and how are they obtained?

One of the most curious elements of theResident Evil 4remake is both a collectible and a “power-up”: the amulets. In the background, some figurines that you can tie to your briefcase and that offer an additional advantage, so that if you carry the one with the chicken, the health restored with the eggs will be greater.

You can strap various amulets to your briefcase, but the most curious thing is how they are usually obtained: Peddler’s Trials. One of them is a kind of bonus phase that will put your aim to the test and whose prizes are special tokens that can be exchanged at the entrance. Thus,for every three tokens, you canrandomly obtain an amulet.

From here it is time to understand that the aiming test requires that we master the challenge as much as possible. And if we do it perfectly we will not only enjoy an extra round, but we will also obtain a special token that increases the rarity and the effect of the amulet.Everything is very well thought out.

Dude, where’s my boat?

It has happened to all of us: we are in the middle of the adventure, during the initial bars, and it turns out that when we get to the boat we have no idea where we have parked the boat or how to get to it. The solution goes through two elements:

On the one hand, the location of the boat is detailed on the game map and will always vary. But most importantly, we can also reorient the game map. Rotate it and set the best route based on where Leon is looking. A solution that also applies when it comes to finding collectibles.

The Resident Evil 4map also establishes many of the hidden locations and routes, which leads to well-hidden treasures. And if you find some kind of bell, don’t hesitate to shoot it: you can find items that the peddler can pay you a small fortune for.

The assignments: some very well paid side missions

Another of the additions of theResident Evil 4Remake are the orders. Halfway between secondary missions and simple challenges, these are different missions that are presented to us throughout the story and that serve as a challenge as well as to offer the player small short stories through texts with a very specific goal.

The reward of the orders is determined by the color of the paper, and this is generally how we obtain the spinels that allow us to acquire the extra items from the peddler’s shop. Of course, in some cases it will be necessary to investigate (a little) and in otherssimply carry out a minor order.

You can always see the orders through the game’s own menu, but those that require obtaining a series of objects will make us go through the peddler’s own shop to claim the reward. Keep this in mind since many times you will be forced toprioritize the space in your briefcase.

Don’t buy like crazy: take advantage of every bargain!

It won’t take long for you to realize that there’s no point in buying every weapon on sale, even if you have money to spare. Despite the fact that we will have a New Game + in the game, it is of little use to spend all the pesetas on pistols, shotguns and others if we do not improve any. However, there is an exception: promotions.

From time to time the peddler will offer us an item at a discounted price or will offer us free accessories for the purchase of a specific one.

It goes without saying that it is not worth buying something that we are not going to use, but it is worth keeping in mind that, perhaps, it is worth improving what we already have and waiting for an item to be on sale.

Stuck on a puzzle, the clues are usually not very far

InResident Evil 4there are two types of problems: those that require you to move a lot (the boat is out of gas and you have to get into an area full of enemies) and puzzles.

These seconds can be resolved in the long term by following a few steps that are more or less guided by the plot or do not require us to move too much. In the case of the latter, especially when it comes to solving lock combinations, it is enough to take a short walk to find the solution.

How to maximize the price of your treasures with jewelry

If you’re coming fromResident Evil 4, you might know. But, even in those, this will come in handy: if you find a crown, a bracelet, a brooch or an ornament to which you can place jewels, do not sell it separately: you can greatly increase its value by exchanging it for pesetas. But now comes the interesting thing: there are more lucrative combinations than others.

Depending on the colors of the gems you use in the item, different percentages will be applied to it. Something that almost seems arbitrary, but it has its own system.

Our advice is that, unless you need quick money, be very selective when it comes to selling treasures until you getthe most profitable color combination.As a general rule, it is best that they are all the same color or all of different colors.

How do I take my game from PS4 to PS5

Although PC and Xbox Series X / S users do not have the need to import their games, thanks in the latter case thanks to smart delivery) Resident Evil 4 takes the initiative and allows PS5 users to import their games started in the previous generation. Something less frequent than desirable and that is welcomed with open arms in this remake.

In fact, to import the game it is not necessary to use the PlayStation Network, but Capcom’s own servers: if we go to the game settings, in the accessibility tab to the right, we can not only enable the connection of the Residentremake Evil 4with RE NET, but import the PS4 games.

That said, the process has one aspect to consider: once the progress we have from PS4 has been transferred, any data or game from PS5 will be deleted. The good news is that if we make the generational leap on PlayStation it won’t be necessary to start the game from scratch.

How do I access the moto photo

Sometimes the views may not be very pleasant, but the visual section of theResident Evil 4remake is simply spectacular. And Capcom makes it even more special with its photography mode.

To access it, just pause the game at any time, including the cinematics, and press the button that we normally use to reload on consoles. From there we will take control of the camera and settings, as well as different filters and effects.

All in all, it is worth having two considerations: the camera does not detach too much from our protagonist (it won’t work for you to lean out and save you the scare) and during the cinematics it is not possible to vary the camera, although we can always control who appears and who not in the picture.

It is not ruled out that Capcom considers taking Separate Ways as an expansion, as was done with the additional episodes of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village. Even as a standalone. Of course, the whole of the game told through Leon’s journey does not need any additional addition to offer a completely round experience.

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