Rune Factory 3 Special (Switch): Tips For Beginners

Rune Factory 3 Special is now available on the Nintendo Switch and, as highlighted in our review, this updated version of the title originally released for the Nintendo DS could be an excellent entry point for newcomers to the franchise. With this in mind, we have selected some useful tips that can help new players during the campaign in this farming simulator with RPG elements.

 Rune Factory 3 Special (Switch): tips for beginners

Rune Factory 3 Special (Switch): Tips For Beginners

Learning new recipes

Rune Factory 3 offers a wide variety ofcraftingand cooking options, allowing players to develop many items that are essential throughout the adventure.

With Blaise, the person responsible for the restaurant located in the north of the city, we can buy bread that, when consumed, gives Micah the knowledge of how to create new products.

It is important to keep in mind that there is a daily limit for purchasing these foods, which makes this daily visit an essential activity for the protagonist’s routine.

It is worth noting that it is with Blaise that we were also able to increase the size of our refrigerator and purchase new kitchen utensils that allow us to produce different types of dishes.

Enjoying the dungeon floor

Each dungeon in Rune Factory 3 represents one of the four seasons. In these places, in addition to various monsters, we can find spaces of soil in which we can plant the vegetables of the season in question.

This way, whatever the time of year, the player will be able to grow spring plants in the squares available in the first dungeon, Privera Forest. The same occurs with summer herbs in Sol Terrano Desert, autumn herbs in Oddward Valley and winter herbs in Vale River.

Acquiring new spells

In addition to using several different types of weapons, Micah can use spells that are extremely useful during combat. With these spells, we are able to remove negative effects and heal the protagonist, as well as transport him back home.

To acquire new enchantments, simply purchase them at The Witch’s Cauldron located to the right of the smithy, with new options being offered there as the player progresses through the campaign. In this establishment, it is also possible to cure any harmful effect quickly, simply by paying 100 coins.

Store wood from the beginning

After defeating the first boss and acquiring the ability to transform into a monster, several improvements are made available to the farm, including the possibility of building a barn.

In addition to the financial factor, many of these buildings require a large amount of wood, therefore, it is recommended to accumulate this resource early in the game to acquire these buildings more quickly.

Discovering the taste of the locals

To be a good neighbor, it is important to know each Sharance resident’s favorite gifts. Unlike most farming simulators, here, NPCs clearly explain what their favorite items are when receiving a gift. Therefore, just pay attention to the conversations to discover each person’s preferences.

Preparing for the wedding

In Rune Factory 3, marriage is not only present, but it is also an indispensable requirement for viewing the end credits. To achieve this objective, the player must first overcome the four seasonal dungeons and fulfill all the main requests of at least one of the marriageable characters, in addition to having maximum intimacy with that same girl.

Therefore, it is crucial to always comply with the requests on the city board and in the mailbox at Micah’s house, as some of them are mandatory to unlock the marriage. Additionally, completing requests is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds with NPCs and acquire valuable items.

Don’t forget the trophy room

In Micah’s residence, there is a staircase on the right side that leads to a special room, where trophies that we earn by performing certain actions in the game are stored. In addition to being gratifying to see these achievements, this space presents a book in which it is possible to modify the game’s difficulty at any time.

There is also a special dungeon that becomes accessible after defeating the first main boss. This dungeon is a great option for acquiring rare resources, both at the beginning and in more advanced stages of the game.

Sakuya’s shop can be very useful

At the inn located north of town, Sakuya trades some interesting items, some of which are typically dropped by monsters. When you acquire new objects and sell them in the shipping box, they may start appearing in the girl’s store.

Therefore, it is important to frequently check the girl’s offers, as her stock is constantly changing. In this sense, this trade can be useful to obtain rare resources more easily.

And that ends our Rune Factory 3 Special tips! We hope they help you get the best out of what this magical world has to offer.

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