How To Save Quota On Facebook Lite

Save Quota on Facebook Lite: For those of you who like Facebook with the Facebook Lite application, actually Facebook Lite has been designed to save more quota compared to the usual Facebook application.

How to Save Quota on Facebook Lite
How to Save Quota on Facebook Lite

How to Save Quota on Facebook Lite

But indeed there are some things that we can set in the Facebook Lite settings to increase its quota savings. Well, here we will discuss it.

Tips there can be applied to all Facebook applications, whether it’s a regular Facebook application, Lite or Facebook access the web in the browser.

Tips below specifically for saving quota on Facebook Lite only.

1. Reducing the quality of photos

By reducing the quality of your photos, you can significantly reduce your use of quotas, because the ones that consume the most quota on the internet are media files such as photos and videos.

This feature is not available on Facebook Mobile, it seems like it is a Facebook Lite special feature. Here’s how to reduce the quality of the photo.

1. Open the Facebook Lite application on your respective smartphone.

2. After that tap on the “icon line three” in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. After that will be taken to the options page on your Facebook Lite,select the “Settings” or “Settings” menu.

4. After being on the settings page, scroll to the bottom until it is in the “Media and Contacts” section,then select the “Photo Quality (high)” menu.

5. After being on the photo quality page, choose another quality,for extreme savings, select only the “Low” quality.

6. Done.

If you have, can be seen above, besides the words “photo quality” has changed to “low” from the previous “high”.

If you are not comfortable with low-quality photos, it might be possible to increase to medium quality, at least from here it still saves most of your quota.

Or if you want a true quota-free, you can use Facebook mode for free for a while until your quota crisis is resolved.

This change in photo quality actually not only affects the “quota”, but also the page load speed. This means that small files can be processed from “data” to “something that is displayed” on your mobile screen, faster than large files. And this will be felt on mobile phones that have low specs.

In addition, the total cache will also be smaller, overall, the overall improvement and indeed can only be felt on the low spec cell phone earlier. For high spec phones, it may not feel the benefits, only saving the quota that can look.

2. Activate the Data Saver feature

The actual data saver feature is also available on regular Facebook applications, so this is not an exclusive fb lite feature as before.

To activate the data saver feature on fb lite, you can follow the steps below.

1. Open the Facebook Lite application on your respective smartphone.

2. Next, tap the “triple icon” in the upper right corner, to bring up a menu.

3. On the menu page, scroll down and look for the “Data Usage” menu. Tap the menu.

4. After being on the Data Usage page. Activate the navigation button in the “Data saver” setting.

5. Done. The data saver feature is active.

You can use the tips above to save on data quota usage when using Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite itself is designed as a lightweight application, and saves quota, by activating the two features above, Facebook Lite will increasingly save quota.

If there are tips or ways to save quota on Facebook lite that is missed, please add a comment column below, then it will be included in the discussion.

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