How To Save Other’s WhatsApp Status On Android

How to save other’s WhatsApp status without downloading is quite easy. Even do not need additional applications on several smartphone brands. But there are also some brands that require additional applications.

How To Save Other's WhatsApp Status on Android
How To Save Other’s WhatsApp Status on Android

How To Save Other’s WhatsApp Status on Android

So that this tutorial can be followed by all smartphone brands, then I will take a middle ground tutorial, which is using additional applications. Take it easy, the application used is light and small.

Before saving the status of people in your WA contact, I suggest asking permission first. The following are the steps to save other people’s WhatsApp status without downloading.

Activate Show Hidden Files

In general, the file manager application has features to show and hide files. Therefore we need a file manager application that has this capability, one of which is Google Files.

How to enable Show hidden files (Show hidden files) is quite easy. Open the Google Files application, enter the Menu by clicking on the three line icon at the top left of the screen, then select Settings, and activate Show hidden files. How to Save Someone’s WhatsApp Status Without Downloading

The first thing you should do, which is to see/watch WhatsApp status others first. This is done so that the file (cache) status is saved and ready for us to move to another folder so that it can be seen in the Gallery.

Here’s how to save WA status without downloading it on Android.

  • Open the Google Files application.
  • Open the Search tab page, then select Internal storage.
  • Scroll down search and select the WhatsApp folder, then select the Media folder.
  • Next go to the Statuses folder, and you see the file from someone else’s WA status.
  • Finally, click the down arrow icon, select Copy to, then select the folder where you saved the copied file. In this case I chose the Download folder, then click Copy here.

After completing the steps above, you can check the folder where you placed the file to see the file. You can also see the downloaded status videos in Gallery.

Let me remind you one more time, you should ask permission of the status owner first before you save their status. Also use this method wisely without harming others.

Similarly, a tutorial on how to save other people’s WA status without downloading. Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions.

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