How to Search and Add Contact in Skype

The amount of things we can do with our contacts onSkype is impressive. Not only are therefree and unlimited callsthrough anInternet connection, but we can also send files such as music or photos, in addition to being able to make popular video calls and you can even call mobiles and landlines from Skype.

How to Search and Add Contact in Skype
How to Search and Add Contact in Skype

How to Search and Add Contact in Skype

To be able to carry out all these actions, it is logically necessary to add our numbers as contacts. If you have ever usedSkype on your computer.

It is sure that you already know how to do it, and on your mobile device the procedure is similar. But if you’ve never usedSkypebefore, we’ll show you belowhow to add contacts on Android or iOS.

Enter your email and password to log in or open the application. This will take you to the main menu.

Regardless of whether you are in ‘Recent‘, ‘Favorites‘ or ‘People‘, at the bottom right of your screen you will find a button with 3 dots, one above the other.

That’s a drop-down menu, so click on it, and some options will appear. The first option will say: ‘Add People‘. Press on it.

  • Write the name of the user to add or theirMicrosoft email in the search bar.
  • Click on their profile and press the ‘Add to contacts‘ button.
  • The moment the other person sees and accepts the request, they can share information and communicate throughSkype.

The latest updates to Skypehave greatly simplified these options, in fact it is possible to even synchronize your contact list so that they are all automatically added to your Skype list. This option can be improved even by tracking the contacts when syncing the application with a Microsoft account.

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