How to See Youtube Trending Videos in Various Countries

Youtubeis one of the best places to watch, look for entertainment to be used as a field to make money. For those of you who arecontent creatorsand active users of Youtube, you are used to seeing trends in content. However, do you knowhow to see Youtubetrending in various countries?

How to See Youtube Trending Videos in Various Countries
How to See Youtube Trending Videos in Various Countries

How to See Youtube Trending Videos in Various Countries

Whether it’s watching the most popular Youtube videos in US or other countries, you can do everything without any additional applications.

Want to know how? Come on, check the full review from Jaka below.

What isTrendingYoutube Today?

Before you find out how to view the most popular videos on Youtube from different countries, it’s important to know what is ”trending” in this application.

Not much different from Trending Topic Twitter,trendingYoutube is a place to see the videos that people have watched the most recently.

Now Youtube has made a list oftrendingvideos per category, namelyNow, Music, Games and Movies. Later you just need to find the most popular videos according to your wishes.

Well, forcontent creators who are trying to become popular, of course, you need a case study on the most popular videos today. In addition, you can also read the following article about how to increase Youtubeviewers.

How to ViewTrendingYoutube on HP

The way to view popular videos in Indonesia and in other countries is actually the same, gang. The important thing is that you set the right location.

For those of you who are interested in easily seeing the order of Youtubetrending in Indonesia or other countries, here are the steps!

  1. Open your Youtube application on your mobile.
  2. ClickProfilein the top right corner. Then selectSettings.
  3. SelectGeneral/General.
  4. ClickLocation. Select any country you want to seetrending.
  5. Go toHome, then select Explore.
  6. Select theTendingmenu to see today’strending videos.

How to ViewTrendingYoutube Using Desktop/PC

It’s quite easy, isn’t it the way to find out the most popular videos right now on the Youtube application on your cellphone? Maybe you are still wondering how about using a PC/laptop? If you want to know, let’s follow this way!

  1. Find the Youtubelinkin thebrowserby going
  2. ClickProfilein the upper right corner thenscrolldown to theLocation section.
  3. Select the country you want to seetrendingin.
  4. ClickHomethen clickTrendingto see today’strending videos.

The final word

It’s easy enough, isn’t it, how to seetrendingYoutube? You don’t need to use a VPN to view the most popular content from different countries.

In addition, when you are interested in varioustrending content, ApkVenue also has a way todownload itin the following article.

Enjoy watching videos from various countries easily, gang! Don’t forget you can also use Youtube to add money. So congratulations on using the Youtube application to the fullest.

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