How to Set a Shortcut Bar on Facebook

Facebook has now become one of the social media used by many people. Almost all of the various needs we need are there, such as adding friends, joining the community, watching videos, to finding favorite items through the marketplace feature in it.

How to Set a Shortcut Bar on Facebook
How to Set a Shortcut Bar on Facebook

How to Set a Shortcut Bar on Facebook

Of the many features fortunately Facebook has created a shortcut bar that will make it easier for us to access it. This can be seen when we first open the main page of Facebook, we can see various lines of shortcuts or menu shortcuts on the screen.

However, not all users find this shortcut bar useful and even feel annoyed because they see the many notifications on the screen.

Seeing this, Facebook immediately took action by creating a feature where users could set a shortcut bar on Facebook. With this shortcut bar setting or better known as thenavigation bar control, we can find it easier to find what features you want to use. In fact, we can easily remove features that are not too important.

Curious how it works? it’s easy, see the complete way to set up the following Facebook shortcut bar.

Turn off notifications from the Shortcut bar

It must be annoying when you first open the Facebook application there is a red dot appearing on the shortcut bar. Although it is useful to tell us about something new, there are times when we don’t want this notification to appear.

Well, we can easily remove the notification from the shortcut bar, you know. It’s easy, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you are logged into the Facebook application. After that long press on the shortcut bar for which you want to clear notifications.
  • A pop up will appear from below like this. You just need to select ‘Turn off notification dots’.
  • If successful, the Facebook app will display a pop up informing you if the notification dots in the shortcut you selected have been disabled.
  • Done.

To reactivate the notification dots, you can long press on the disabled shortcut bar and select ‘Enable notification dots’.

Remove unnecessary Shortcut bars

Not only eliminating notifications, but you can also remove the existing shortcut bar from the Facebook screen page. This will definitely be very helpful for those of you who want to focus on just the things you need.

The method is also easy, here are the steps.

  • Long press on one of the shortcut bars you want to get rid of. Here I want to remove the “Game” tab. When the pop-up appears, select ‘Remove from shortcut bar’.
  • A notification like this will appear, if you are sure to delete the shortcut you can press the ‘Delete’ button.
  • Automatically, the shortcut bar that you selected will disappear from the screen.

Added Shortcut bar on Facebook

If you want to add a shortcut bar, the method is almost the same as above. You just need to follow the steps below.

1. On the home page, press the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

2. After a lot of menu options appear, simply scroll down and press the ‘Settings & Privacy’ menu and select the ‘Settings’ menu.

3. Once the settings page has opened, swipe down until you find the “Shortcuts” settings section. Here select the “Shortcut Bar” menu.

4. Then, select the shortcut bar that you want to add back by activating the slide button next to it. If the slide on the right is already blue, the shortcut bar is active.

5. After that go back to the Facebook homepage, here you can check the results. The shortcut bar that you selected should appear there.

If you have activated the shortcut bar but nothing changes, try restarting the Facebook application. Close the application, then open it again. If not, restart the phone and see the results.

What if there is a Shortcut bar that is not available in the settings section?

Sometimes when you want to activate a certain shortcut bar, you don’t find it in the shortcut bar settings earlier. So that the shortcut bar cannot be activated at all.

This must be confusing, right? There are several ways you can do to fix this, first, try closing and restarting the application, secondly, try logging in again to your Facebook account in the application, third, try restarting your phone, and if you still can’t, the last is to delete the Facebook application data and re-login.

For the first to the third method, it is quite easy to understand, here I will only explain the last one.

1.a. Go to the main smartphone screen,press and hold on the Facebook application icon. After that a small window will appear containing menu options. Here select the “application info” menu.

1.b. If your smartphone doesn’t support this feature, you can go to your phone’s ‘Settings’, then open application management.

Then go to “Application List” and select the “Facebook” application. (FYI, every cellphone brand has different Android variants, so the appearance and naming of the menu can be slightly different).

2. Either by means 1.a or 1.b, you will be taken to the Facebook application info page as below. Here select the “Storage Usage” menu

3. Then select the menu “Delete data”.Make sure you remember your Facebook username and password because we need this to log back in later.

4. After that a popup notification will appear asking if you are sure to clean the data. Here just press the “OK” button.

5. Wait until the data is deleted, usually only a few seconds. After that, open the Facebook application again.

6. You will be asked to re-login to your Facebook account. Enter the username and password as usual.

7. After entering the Facebook application homepage, repeat the “how to add a Facebook shortcut bar” which has been explained previously. Later you will see a list of previously unavailable shortcut bars reappear.

8. Done.

Setting this shortcut bar is fairly easy, but for the record, you don’t delete shortcuts like ‘Home’ and ‘Notifications’. So don’t be disappointed if the two shortcuts will always appear on the main Facebook screen.

Hopefully, this method can help those of you who are having trouble setting up the shortcut bar on Facebook, thank you for reading. See you next article.

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