How To Set Chrome Startup Password

Set Chrome Startup Password: If you want to protect your Google Chrome browser, here’s how to put a password on startup. If you use Chrome as your main browser to browse the internet and have configured it with your passwords and accesses, it would be necessary to block access to the ill-intentioned or curious and you can do this by setting an access password to unlock it.

How To Set Chrome Startup Password
How To Set Chrome Startup Password

This setting is not present by default but we will tell you how to do it in the simplest way possible without difficult configurations.

How To Set Chrome Startup Password

There are several methods to protect access to Google Chrome and our personal configurations such as favorites, history or passwords.

We are going to see how to protect our work both by using particular extensions but also by activating the account protection with a password and enabling the Guest account. Both procedures are very easy to activate, here’s how.

Create a new account on the computer

If you obviously want to prevent access to your PC and also to Google Chrome with all your personal data stored and access to websites that occur automatically, the most obvious solution is to create new user profiles on the PC with Windows or MAC. Surely it is the best solution to make two users private to use on the same PC so as not to damage or steal personal data.

By creating different users you can divide two (or more), well-defined users who will now have documents, files, personal configurations not shared with the other user, and even the software if they are installed on the single user, the other will not see them.

In short, it is the most complete solution, but if you want to use the same user on the PC, here are two solutions that are right for you all to use directly on Chrome.

Put a password on Google Chrome: Add the person (or guest) with their account

With Google Chrome it is possible to use user profiles that allow you to synchronize and make it impossible to access an account whose password is not known.

You can prevent the viewing of open tabs, history of sites visited and stored passwords, the only requirement to be respected is to have a Google account synchronized on Chrome so as to have access only to those who have the faculties.

To do this you have to click on the profiles icon at the top right and add an account by logging in with your Google credentials.

To block access to the profile configured on Chrome, simply click on the image at the top right, next to the button with three dots, and then click on Exit and Block.

Once you reopen Chrome, you’ll need to type your Google account password to get everything back in sync so that others who use your PC but don’t have the password won’t be able to see your settings. You can use the Guest account, which does not store anything in history to offer access to external users.

Put passwords on Google Chrome: Use these extensions

With Google Chrome you can block your personal profile with a password using one of the many extensions available on the Chrome App Store.

With the Browser Locker and PassBrow extension by adding the extension that you can manage it from Tools -> Extensions you can set a password. After closing Chrome, when it reopens, you will be prompted for the password you previously set.

Download Browser Locker for Google Chrome

PassBrow download for Google Chrome

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