How to Share Location Via WA, Google Maps, LINE and Facebook?

Sophisticated technology allows you to share various things with anyone, including location. However, do you already know how toshare yourlocation in various applications?

Bysharing yourlocation, the friends or family you send can find out where you are. In fact, now our location can continue to be monitored in real-time as well.

Share Location Via WA, Google Maps, LINE and Facebook
Share Location Via WA, Google Maps, LINE and Facebook

How to Share Location Via WA, Google Maps, LINE and Facebook?

Not only for appointments, of course this feature is also very useful for security. Your whereabouts can be quickly tracked if something unexpected happens or just makes the process easier when you meet.

Well, there are several ways you can do to share your location directly or in real time.

If you are still new to using it, here we have fully summarized how to sharelocations in various applications. Listen to the end, come on!

How toShareLocation Via WhatsApp

The way to share your location via WhatsApp or WA is actually quite easy and short to do. As the most popularchat application, of course many often share their location on WA.

Here are the steps on how to share your location via WA that you can try on your cellphone:

  1. Open WhatsApp as usual, select the contact you want to send the location to.
  2. Tap theattachmentlogo below the section to type a message. Selectthe Location menuto share your location.
  3. Send the current location by selecting theSend your current locationmenu or selecting which location you want to share.
  4. If you want to share your location directly, selectShare Live Location.Then select the location sharing time, between 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours.

Althoughshareyour locationlivehas atimer, we can alsostop the live share locationwhenever we want. There are 2 ways tostop sharing live location,namely:

1. How tostop sharing live locationin one chat or group

  1. Open the chat/group where youshareyour location.
  2. SelectStop Sharing,then selectStop

2. How tostop sharing live locationin all chats and groups

  1. Select the three dots, then tapSettings.
  2. SelectAccountmenu> Privacy > Current location.WhatApp will tell you where you share your live location.
  3. SelectStop Sharing, then selectStop.

Sometimes, we need to give other people a fake location, whether it’s to be absent from work or just lazy to ask about your real whereabouts. If you need a way toshareother locations in WA, you can open this article!

It’s different if you want to know how to find out the location of other people via WA. No need forhacking, ApkVenue has a solution on how to know someone’s location via WA. Follow the method here!

How toShareLocation Via FBLive

Especially for sharing your location on FB, you can only do it onFacebook Messenger.If you haven’t installed the app, firstdownloadit at the followinglink:

Afterdownloading, you can share your location in the message field. Here are the steps on how to send your location via Facebook Messenger:

  1. Select the contact you want to send the location to.
  2. Select theaddmenu or the plus symbol at the bottom left of Messenger.
  3. Select theLocationmenu on the far left,
  4. Select theShare Locationmenu at the top right.
  5. To send the location inreal time, select theShare Live Location menu.

How toShareLocation on Google Maps to WA

Send location via Google Maps? You can! As the most popular map and directions application, of course there are features that support this.

The method is as easy as the previous two ways! Here are the steps you can follow toshare yourlocation on Maps.

  1. Open Google Maps, tap the blue dot that shows your current position. SelectShare Your Location.
  2. Decide whether you want to sharereal timelocation or not before sending it to WhatsApp.
  3. ClickMore, then search forWhatsAppto send the location on Google Maps.
  4. Select the contact you want to share the location with and send it.

How to Share Location Via LINE

It turns out that the LINE Messengerchatapplication can also share your location! The method is also as easy as on WhatsApp actually.

If you are a LINE application user, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open LINE, then select the contact you want to share your location with.
  2. Select the add option which has a + symbol on the left where you type, then select theLocation menu.
  3. Select the location you want to share with your friends via LINE.
  4. Finally,click on the location’s logo.

How to Share Location Via Twitter

It turns out that social media Twitter can also be used to share location. Suitable for you loyal Twitter users who are actively making tweets.

Sharing the location that ApkVenue means we have to provide via Tweet only and this can only be done on the Twitter application. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Twitter, then open the Create Tweet menu.
  2. Clickthe map marker point logoat the bottom center as shown above.
  3. Choose a location where you are so your friends can see where you are.
  4. After you select a location, you will see the location under the tweet.
  5. After youupload thetweet. Then, tap the location.
  6. A suitable location will appear in your tweet. Your friends can see the location.

How to Share Location on iPhone

iPhone users can also share their location, including SMS! No different from Android, how to send location on iPhone is also not complicated and easy to do.

Are you an iPhone user? If so, see how to share the easiest location here.

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the iPhone user contact you want to share the location with.
  3. Make sure you have the iPhone email address of the contact you want to send the location to.
  4. Select Maps or Google Maps above the SMS keyboard.
  5. Select the location you want to share then tap Send.

The final word

Those are six ways toshare yourlocation on various application platforms that you can try to tell your whereabouts or a certain location.

It’s all easy, right? Hope it helps! Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks and news about technology.

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