How To Share Google Maps Location On Android

In this article, we will discuss how to share Google Maps location on Android, which might be useful when we want to show our GPS location and current real-time location to others.

How to Share Google Maps Location on Android
How to Share Google Maps Location on Android

Now for those of you who have often used the Google Maps application to search for addresses or directions while driving but don’t know how to share locations on Google Maps with others, then please refer to the following discussion.

How to share Google Maps location on android mobile

This might be useful when we make a pact with another person and then that person doesn’t know the exact location like the admin experienced some time ago when there were friends who wanted to get together in one place that the admin had never visited before.

Finally, the admin asked that one of my friends use the find my location feature on Google Maps and send it, and finally, the admin managed to find the place.

Now for those who want to know how to share location on Google Maps Android, here are the steps.

  1. After the GPS is active then open Google Maps.
  2. When the address or name of the place in question.
  3. After appearing on Google map then click/tap More Info.
  4. Then selectShare.
  5. Finally, please choose where we share the location, through instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, BBM, Line and others.

How to share real-time locations from Google Maps

Not only through WhatsApp but we can also share real-time or current locations via the Google map application on Android in the following way.

  1. Activate GPS then open the Google Maps application on your Android phone.
  2. Then tapMy Locationto find where we are.
  3. After our location is read correctly then select the menu in the upper left corner.
  4. SelectShare Location.
  5. If the notification ”Show your location to friends” appears, selectSTART.
  6. Then we can determine how long the Google Maps location will be shared, to change it we can tap the+or button.
  7. Then please choose through what you will share the current location, whether by email, WhatsApp application, LINE, BBM, links and so on. For example, I choose to use WhatsApp, then we just select the person/contact who wants to be shared.

The difference between the second method and the first is that we can determine how long we will share the location with others, similar to Share on WhatsApp.

That tips or how to share the location of Google Maps on Android so that other people can know the gps location with a certain point based on where we are or a specific address in accordance with what we are looking for. Good luck.

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