How to Share Running Song Lyrics on Instagram Story

Have you ever seen a friend’s story where the lyrics of the song are running? Want to know how to make a story like that? Here we will discuss in detail about this.

For now, the Instagram application does not yet support a feature for adding song lyrics to run both in posts and stories. But we can use third party applications for this.

How to Share Running Song Lyrics on Instagram Story
How to Share Running Song Lyrics on Instagram Story

How to Share Running Song Lyrics on Instagram Story

To add songs and running lyrics to the Instagram story, we will use the resso application. You can first install this application from the play store.

Download Resso Application

If so, we just go to the steps to make the song lyrics run in this resso application.

1. Open the resso application that you installed earlier.

2. After that you will be taken to the application registration page. Here you can enter the application using your phone number, email, Facebook account, or TikTok account. You can choose one of them. I’m here using email to login.

3. If so, you will go to the home page of the application. For starters, you are told to choose the genre/type of music you like. Select one, then after that tap “Continue”.

4. On the next page you will be asked to choose at least 3 singers or bands that you like. If so, tap “Done”.

5. For the next step, you will be given a brief tutorial on using this application. Just follow. Here you will be directed to tap the “Play” icon to play music, then prompted to swipe to change to the next song.

6. After finishing the short tutorial from Resso. Then we start with the process of making the song lyrics running earlier. Here all you have to do is press the “Search” button, then type in the song or band you want to use the lyrics for. After that, select one of the search results. In this example, after typing wali, I tapped the wali band writing below it.

7. After that you will be taken to the music playback page. One of the songs from the guardian band is automatically played here. You can swipe left and right to change songs. If you have found a suitable song, press the “share” icon.

8. Next, you will be taken to the lyric sharing page as below. Here press the button “Change Lyrics Quote.

9. You will enter the edit page as below. Here you can delete the lyric you don’t need. For example, you only need certain parts.

10. Here you can change the background of the lyrics. You can also change the font type for the song lyrics that you use for the story.

11. If you have clicked the “Done” icon in the upper right corner.

12. Next you will be taken to the preview page as below. There are also many sharing options here. Tap the “stories” icon to share the lyrics to your Instagram story.

13. If so, you will automatically be taken to your Instagram stories page. So here you can add a caption or a default Instagram sticker. If you feel that there is nothing more that needs to be added, you can publish the story as usual by tapping the “Send to” button.

14. Tap the “Share” button next to the “Your Story” menu, then tap “Done”.

15. Finish. Story with running lyrics has been uploaded successfully.

By using the resso application you can add song lyrics to your Instagram story. Besides the Instagram story, you can also share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok and other social media applications.

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