How To Silence The Most Annoying Contacts In WhatsApp Groups

If you have a WhatsApp account , you are probably part of one or more groups . From family members to those related to work, school or extracurricular activities for children.

How to silence the most annoying contacts in WhatsApp groups
How to silence the most annoying contacts in WhatsApp groups

Groups in which a large number of messages are written throughout the day that can compromise both your mobile phone’s battery and your mood.

If you are not willing to put up with the typical contact that does not stop sending photographs or jokes that have nothing to do with the main reason of the group,the instant messaging platform enabled several years ago the option to silence groups.However, the company does not allow you to silence individual contacts … until now.

The trick to silence specific people within a group

Recently,Metrohas revealed a simple trick to silence certain people within a group. After the last major update of WhatsApp,through which the platform granted greater control to group administrators, the media has found a small trap that helps you avoid misplaced comments.

From now on,administrators can decide which contacts are allowed to speak. To do this, you will only have to access a group in which you are an administrator, click on the ‘Group configuration’ option and determine that only administrators can write to the group. Thanks to this, only those who have the role of administrator can write, while the rest will be silenced.

How to silence a single user

To silence a single user,you just have to name the rest of the contacts as administrator.Thanks to this, and after enabling the option that only administrators can send messages, you can keep silent for a while that person who has spoken too much or who does not focus on the main objective of the group without the need to throw him of the conversation

Meanwhile, the person who has been silenced will find himself in front of a textthat explains that only administrators can send messages. For the same reason, this user can only send a private message to one of the members of the group to ask for explanations.

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