5 Easiest Ways to Solve iPhone Won’t Charge

The iPhone actually has advanced technology, but when the iPhone can’t be charged it definitely feels annoying. Is your iPhone experiencing the same thing? The boss will tell you how to deal with it when your iPhone won’t charge.
5 Easiest Ways to Solve iPhone Won't Charge

5 Easiest Ways to Solve iPhone Won’t Charge

One of the advantages of the iPhone is fast charging technology. However, the downside of the iPhone itself is that its battery runs out quickly.

For those of you who are iPhone users, of course you have to bring a charger so that your iPhone can continue to be used all day long. However, what if your battery isn’t charged, your days will definitely be boring, especially when you’re waiting for something.

The boss will tell you how to solve it, but first you have to know why the iPhone won’t charge.

Reasons why iPhone won’t charge

1. Software Glitch

Maybe many of you think that the reason the iPhone won’t charge is the hardware. However, this case often occurs because there is a problem with the firmware. Basically, inside the iPhone there is a controller whose job is to charge the battery.

This controller works on the basis of software on the iPhone. The conclusion is that when you connect the cable to the iPhone, instead of sending power directly, the cable sends power to the controller card first. This indicates that the iPhone’s software components are sending commands to the controller to charge

2. Damaged USB Port

The reason why the iPhone won’t charge is a damaged USB port. It is clear that a damaged port will not be able to transmit the power transmitted through the cable. For this reason, get as much general information as possible about USB ports.

3. Damaged adapter or cable

A damaged adapter will certainly not function properly. The authenticity of goods is often parallel to quality. Juragan recommends not buying fake products and being tempted by cheap prices. For electronic products, buy original products as much as possible.

4. Dirty USB Port

The final cause of an iPhone not being able to charge is a dirty USB port. Did you know that the habit of keeping your iPhone in your trouser pocket can make the USB port on your iPhone dirty? Especially for those of you who often store rubbish like paper in your pants. A dirty USB port can prevent the iPhone from being charged.

So, you already know why your iPhone won’t charge. Here’s how to deal with an iPhone that won’t charge.

How to deal with an iPhone that won’t charge

1. Restart iPhone

Maybe for those of you whose iPhone experiences this, you can restart your iPhone first. This method is actually quite effective if the damage is not too serious.

One way to reset an iPhone is to press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Then after the iPhone logo appears, try connecting the cable to your iPhone’s USB port.

2. Check your iPhone USB cable

The second way to find out and deal with an iPhone that won’t charge is to check your iPhone’s USB cable. After you restart your iPhone, and this method is not effective, try checking your USB cable, maybe it is damaged.

Especially if your iPhone cable comes loose. Therefore, Juragan recommends that you don’t let your cable bend until it forms an angle because this will cause the cable to break. Replace the cable if the cable you have has this problem.

3. Use a good power source

If you have connected your charger to a power source and your cable or charger is new, maybe the power source you are using is not very good. Juragan recommends that the charger you use meets Apple’s standards or at least is original.

4. Factory Reset iPhone

The fourth way to deal with an iPhone that won’t charge is by factory resetting. However, before doing a factory reset, Juragan recommends backing up data that you feel is important.

5. Check the USB port or charge your iPhone

After you check the cable and adapter and it turns out there is no problem, it can be concluded that the problem is the port. If you feel your port is dirty, clean it using a small blower.

So, you can try these methods right now. If it still doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to take it to a service center. Good luck!

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