Steps to Split Android Pie Screen

As we know, technological development is developing very rapidly. We can see this in the latest innovation from Google, which currently presents the latest operating system called Android Pie.

Almost all smartphones of various brands and types released recently have carried this operating system. Even complete with a variety of interesting features in it, one of which is split screen technology.

Steps to Split Android Pie Screen
Steps to Split Android Pie Screen

The presence of split screen technology on smartphones will certainly make the smartphone screen display better, especially for those of you who use smartphones with screens above 6 inches, of course, will feel their own satisfaction with the full-screen display.

Actually, this technology has been applied to Samsung J Series smartphones, Xiaomi Redmi 6A, or others that still use the Android Oreo OS, it’s just that Android Pie has a simpler way of using. Well, for those of you who don’t know how to split Android Pie Screen on this occasion, we will try to give you the procedure for using it.

Before we explain the procedures or steps for using this feature, you need to know that Split Screen technology is the latest innovation that functions to run two applications simultaneously on one smartphone screen panel.

In addition, smartphones that have supported the Android Pie operating system have also been equipped with gesture features that will make it easier for users to see which applications are currently active, namely simply by swiping the basic buttons up or right and left.

Then in this latest operating system we can also enjoy new things in terms of the interface, one of which is that Google has implemented a rounded theme on the Android 9 user interface which will add a cute impression to the appearance of the icons on the smartphone screen.

Besides that, on smartphones that have Android Pie OS also have a theme that is dominated by white and rounded corners, while in the display settings we will also be presented with a variety of attractive colors that are quite a feast for the eyes.

How to split screen Android Pie on all phones

Alright, let’s go back to the core of the discussion where some of you may not really understand. What are the steps for using the Split Screen feature on smartphones that have been supported by the Android Pie OS.

So, here we have presented procedures for applying these features. Immediately, you see 5 Ways to Split Screen Android Pie for all brands and types of the latest smartphones.

How to split Android Pie screen

As we mentioned earlier, the split screen feature. Actually, we can already enjoy it on smartphones with the Android Oreo OS or the 8th version of Android. It’s just that for the latest smartphones that have the Android Pie OS. Has an easier way to enable Split Screen. Here we present the steps below:

  • The first step is to open the “recent apps” by wiping the strip button located at the bottom of the smartphone screen upwards.
  • Then several running application icons will appear.
  • After that, select one of them, for example, you will run the Youtube application in Split Screen mode. You press for a few seconds the Youtube icon that is displayed on the screen panel.
  • Then a new window will appear and you select the “Split Screen” menu.
  • And select one of the application windows that you will use in split screen mode. For example, you will run the Facebook application, then press the Facebook application icon.
  • Now you can run Youtube and Facebook applications on a smartphone screen panel.

Following are the steps to activate or use the Split Screen feature on smartphones that are supported with the Android Pie OS. Easy enough, right? yes, besides releasing the latest operating system complete with a variety of interesting features in it. Google has also released a variety of interesting applications and games.

Such as funny face editing applications, Ultraman games, and others that you can download on the Play Store and App Store. All right, that’s enough information that we can present regarding how to use the Split Screen feature which hopefully is useful.

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