How To Split Android Screen Into Two Parts

Sometimes it happens that you have to use two apps at the same time on your smartphone or tablet to do multiple tasks together and it would be nice to be able tosplit Android screen into two parts.

How to Split Android Screen into Two Parts

If so, you don’t have to have any problems because in the latest versions of Google’s operating system it allows you to divide the screen into two sections and be able to use two applications together.

How to split Android screen into two parts without app and without root permissions to be able to use two applications together.

If you often use multiple applications simultaneously on your smartphone or tablet, perhaps you don’t know that instead of jumping back and forth between apps with a little trick, you can divide the Android screen into two parts to view and use them both together.

In this way you could for example watch a video on Youtube and at the same time start Facebook by liking posts shared by your friends. Beautiful, is not it?

To be able to split the screen, however, you must have a smartphone or tablet that has installed the operating system from the Android 9 or later version. But let’s see better the steps to take and how to use split screen mode on Android in an optimal way.

How to split Android screen into two parts

Before using and activating the split screen mode on Android let’s see the version of the system installed on your mobile device which, as I wrote to you in the previous paragraph, must be at least Android 9 or later.

Open the Settings app (the one in the shape of a gear) and from the menu that appears scroll down then tap on the Phone Info item and from the screen that opens, check the installed system on Android version.

After checking the system installed on your smartphone or tablet, if the version matches, you can proceed.

  • Open the first app for example Youtube and then return to the home screen by pressing the central button of the mobile phone (usually in the shape of a circle) located under the center of the screen.
  • Now hit the Recent apps button usually in the shape of a square which is located at the bottom right corner next to the previously mentioned circle button.
  • As you can see in the recent apps next to the name there is an icon with two vertical lines. In some smartphone models, on the other hand, you have to hold down the icon at the top to bring up a menu where you have to choose a split screen view.
  • To proceed, click on this icon or choose the menu item located in the app.
  • After selection, the app will be visible at the top of the screen while the bottom is empty.
  • At this point also open the second application for example Facebook which will automatically position itself at the bottom of the screen.
  • After the Android screen has split into two parts, as you can see, ahorizontal linehas formed between the apps to keep them separate. This you can press with your finger and move up or down to resize the two windows to your liking.

If you turn the smartphone horizontally and the mobile phone screen rotates automatically, it is equally divided horizontally with the dividing line that you can move to the right or left. If you want to switch to another app, press the Recent apps icon and after the one below is removed, start another one.

After you have finished using two apps together to close the split screen you can drag the horizontal line either all up or all down depending on which one you want to leave running.

Alternatively, press and hold the Recent Apps icon (the one in the shape of a square located at the bottom right) to remove the Android screen divided into two parts.

Final notes

And we have come to the final notes of this guide a how to divide the Android screen into two parts. If you have any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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