Sport365 Live Kodi Addon: How To Install It

Sport365 Live Kodi Addon to be installed if SportsDevil does not work. Sport365 addon Kodi for football, F1, MotoGP, matches, tennis, NBA, Basketball and sports streaming.

Sport365 Live Kodi Addon: how to install it
Sport365 Live Kodi Addon: how to install it

Sport365 Live Kodi Addon: how to install it

Sport365: football and sports streaming free on Kodi

Today in particular we will see how and where to download but above all how to use Sport365, a fantastic add-on just released and that absolutely can not miss on any version of Kodi!

Sport365 addon what is it?

This add-on is the best alternative to SportsDevil for Kodi.

If SportsDevil doesn’t work in 2019, it stops, doesn’t start, shows the message “No stream available” or shows other errors, don’t worry. Today we offer the best alternative to SportsDevil for Kodi, fully functional, free and with lots of sports channels to watch in streaming.

Without too many words, Sport365 is the new and fantastic Kodi add-on for watching football, MotoGP, F1, games and all other sports in streaming for free.

Whatever football match, match or sport you want to watch in streaming, with Sport365 you can watch it for free via Kodi.

Regardless of the type of event you are interested in, Sport365 gathers them all in a convenient screen and allows you to watch live broadcasts in one click.

Audio quality, video and channels available

The audio and video quality is exceptional, buffering is kept to a minimum, the contents available are many.

The contents in Italian are few, it is true, but it does not seem to be a big problem: in the end I almost never hear the comment and prefer to watch a sporting event with a high video quality but with spoken English, rather than watching it in Italian but with a lot of publicity and an infinity of pixels, blocks or slowdowns. What do you think about it instead?

SportsDevil no stream available

SportsDevil no stream available
SportsDevil no stream available

In short, without too many words, Sport365 is certainly the best alternative to SportsDevil, another famous Kodi add-on ideal for watching sports in streaming for free.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, for some weeks now SportsDevil is no longer working and shows an error message like “no stream available”. Theoretically this is a big problem, in the sense that if SportsDevil is no longer able to watch all the free streaming games, Formula 1 or MotoGP.

But luckily, if SportsDevil doesn’t work anymore , you don’t have to worry: Sport365 comes to your rescue and offers everything you could see on SportsDevil before.

But now it’s enough to talk, let’s see how to install Sport365 on Kodi to watch all sports events in streaming for free!

NOTE: Sport365 allows you to watch many FREE and LEGAL sports events . Obviously inside there are also games, matches and races protected by copyright, but it is up to you NOT to open them and not use them in order not to break the law. Since most of the videos broadcast by Sport365 are LEGAL, we have decided to publish this guide anyway.

However, assume all the responsibilities of the case if you use it to watch sporting events without having the rights.

Sport365 Download latest updated version for Kodi

Download Sport365

SportsDevil not only does not work anymore, but it is not even updated anymore for some time now.

It is therefore time to install Sport365 on Kodi instead of SportsDevil which is no longer working.

And fortunately installing Sport365 on Kodi is easy , fast and within the reach of all users, even the less experienced.

Let’s see the steps to be performed:

  • start Kodi
  • go to SYSTEM and click on File Management
  • Click twice on Add Source
  • click on <Nessuno>, enter the url and click on Done
  • go back to the home and click on Add-on / First icon on the top left / Install from a zip file
  • click on bugatsinho /
  • now click on Install from repository / Bugatsinho repository / Video Add-on / Sport365 / Install
  • the new add-on is now available in the Kodi home, in the path Video / Add-on Video / Sport365
  • Fine, you’re ready to enjoy Sport365 on Kodi!

One-click and the live stream starts, without clicks, blocks, slowdowns, buffering and above all without ads!

An always updated add-on, always online, really indispensable and very convenient to use!


If the addon doesn’t work for any reason, try this excellent alternative, always up to date and working> Kodi Addons Sport – The Best To Install

Streaming free games on Kodi with Sport365

Now make yourself comfortable and choose which F1 or MotoGP sporting event, match, match or race to watch for free!

As anticipated, using this add-on is completely free and of course, passing through Kodi, no registration is required.

Sport365 Conclusions

In short, there is not much else to add.

To date, Sport365 is a fantastic add-on for watching football, matches, tennis, NBA, basketball, rugby, MotoGP, Formula 1 free streaming on Kodi.

It is constantly updated, powerful, complete, stable and works great. And it’s only the first release! Imagine how much it will improve with future updates!

For you who at the same time would like to bet on the game when watching it live you can now download mobile gambling apps on Google play to do so, this after Google allowing gambling apps in 15 more countries.

Have you already tried Sport365? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!


  • The service was not developed by us: in this article we simply review it, as we do with any other program for Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones and Android and iOS tablets
  • If you use the app or service to watch sports/movies or anything else in streaming, do it at your own risk and risk, taking responsibility for the case
  • This article is for informational purposes only, to answer all the emails I receive on a daily basis, since answering everyone individually became complicated
  • This article does not in any way want to entice the user to violate any copyright of the contents but is intended as a disclosure of information on the functioning of app/extension/add-on/websites already present and available online and easily identifiable with a simple Google search
  • I strongly advise against using these services, since I do not know if they are legal or not

Alternative to SportsDevil

If you can’t download SportsDevil, if you can’t use SportsDevil or if the plugin gives you problems or errors ( web request failed, no stream available or other problems), surely Sport365 is the best solution at your disposal!

Easy to install, easy to use, a must have!

A fantastic add-on for Kodi that you must definitely try, from my point of view for certain things it’s even better than SportsDevil!

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