Spotify Free Android | Latest Updated Version

Spotify Free Android APK. How to have Spotify Premium Free Android to get almost all Spotify Premium features for free on Android.

Spotify Free Android | Latest Updated Version
Spotify Free Android | Latest Updated Version

Spotify Free Android


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How to crack Spotify on Android

Are you looking for free Spotify Premium and without paying the Premium subscription on Android?

You are in the right place!

Below we will see how and where todownload the latest updated version of Spotifythat will allow you to have (almost) all the advantages ofSpotify Premium without paying the subscriptionon yourAndroid smartphone or tablet.

Spotify premium Free Android

As promised, in this guide I will explainhow to download and install Spotify Premium for free on your Android smartphone.

As always,the guide will always be updatedin order to always offer you the latest fully functional version of the program, which before being shared will be tested on our smartphones to ensure that everything works properly.

After this brief introduction, let’s not waste any more time and see how to get Spotify Premium Free on Android, without payingthe subscription of 10 € per month.

Alternative 1 – NEW

This is the easiest of the 3 steps.

You candownload Spotify Premium MOD for Android through EZMusic.How to do?

In short, you just need to:

  • uninstall Spotify if you have already installed it on Android
  • downloadEZMusicfrom theOFFICIAL WEBSITEdirectly to your phone, a free and, to say the least, spectacular app and install it when the download is complete
  • start EZMusic
  • from the app homepage, search for Spotify and download it in one click
  • install Spotify MOD for Android after download (click on the notification drop-down or follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the installation)
  • start Spotify, log in and enjoy all Premium features for free

And here you are ready to useSpotify premium for free Android.

Alternative 2

You have to:

  • downloadTHIS PROGRAMon Android
  • when the download is complete, click on the phone notification window and install the program following the instructions that appear on the phone screen
  • after installation is complete, start the newly installed Acmarketprogram
  • in the search bar,look for the name of the game. In this case search for “Spotify”.
  • found the MOD program, click on theDOWNLOADbutton (theone with the down arrow and the 3 dots ) to download the modified version of Spotify.
  • when the download is complete, click on the phone notification window andinstall the programfollowing the instructions that appear on the phone screen.
  • at this pointstart Spotify and enjoy the MOD

Quick and easy!

And from now on you can always use theACmarket app to download new versions of Spotify MOD APK, games with active tricks for Android andapps with many MODs for Android. Simple, convenient, fast, within everyone’s reach!

Alternative 3

Go to this sitea2zapk.comand download the latest updated version of the program.

Here are a couple of pointers that will help you download the file directly to your Android phone or tablet.

Once you arrive on the indicated site (, possibly from your Android smartphone or tablet, you will have to:

  • click and open the last post related to Spotify (look at the update date and the version of the program)
  • scroll to the bottom of the page that opens
  • click on the“Go to download page” button(the one you will find on the left, as in the image)
  • arrived at thedownload links, you will need to click on one of the proposed links to download the latest version of Spotify MOD for your Android device (I recommend clickingon the first one at the top left, ie DIRECT DOWNLOAD FROM A2ZAPK)
  • after this, just wait for the end of the download and copy the file to your smartphone (if you downloaded the file from your smartphone you can proceed with the direct installation)
  • now with any file manager you can install the APK file you just downloaded

If you feel any problem, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

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