Easy Ways To Stream Youtube Games Through SmartphonesIn the latest version, YouTube has a YouTube gaming style streaming game on mobile. Check out this article to find out the terms and ways of streaming YouTube.

Easy Ways To Stream Youtube Games Through Smartphones
Easy Ways To Stream Youtube Games Through Smartphones

Google has been shading YouTube and YouTube Gaming since August 2015. Google’s goal is to create applications that are oriented to games, videos and streaming like Twitch.

But Google finally closed the gaming service. One feature that is missing is a live streaming game from a cellphone.

But after YouTube for Android v14.31.50, Google finally added streaming features on mobile. Here’s how to stream YouTube games on mobile:

Requirements Can Live Streaming

Streaming requirements on mobile have now been upgraded. Now smartphone users need an Android Marsmallow device or higher.

Meanwhile, YouTube accounts must also be eligible for mobile streaming. At least, the channel has been ‘Verified’ with no live streaming restrictions, and has 1,000 subscribers.

Before streaming on mobile, there are things you need to do on the desktop YouTube site. You need to enable live streaming on the YouTube site.

How to Stream on YouTube

Before live streaming via mobile, you must activate the feature. Check out the following ways to enable the live streaming feature on the YouTube site:

  • Open the website version of YouTube.
  • Click the ‘ Creator Studio ‘ tool .
  • Open the ‘ Live Streaming ‘ tab .
  • Enabling live streaming the first time usually takes 24 hours. But after the feature is active, your live streaming will immediately air.

If the streaming feature is active, it’s time to switch to YouTube mobile. Check out how to stream YouTube on the following smartphone:

  • Tap on the Video button.
  • Select the ‘ GO LIVE ‘ menu .
  • At the top right of the screen, tap the phone icon.
  • Fill in the streaming title, choose privacy settings and game title.
  • Tap the ‘ More options ‘ menu .
  • Add a description in the ‘ Add a description .’ Column
  • Set the delivery time in the ‘ Schedule for later ‘ menu .
  • Tap ‘ Advance Settings ‘ for the optional advanced menu.
  • Enable or disable live chat, audience age and monetization.
  • Tap ‘ Next ‘ to adjust the thumbnail and screen orientation.
  • Select the ‘ Next ‘ menu to complete the settings.
  • After that the toolbar will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Press the ‘ GO LIVE ‘ button to start live streaming.


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